, also known as "Traffic Pulse" and "Mobility Technologies", is a United States nationwide provider of traffic information via a number of media, including the Internet, cell phones, radio, satellite radio and television. The company is headquartered in Wayne, Pennsylvania, just outside Philadelphia. Its main competitors in the information service and broadcast industries are Westwood One and Clear Channel Communications (the latter of which was a former client of Westwood).

On November 6, 2006, NAVTEQ announced it had agreed to purchase official closing the deal on Wednesday, March 7, 2007. []

Nokia acquired Navteq for 8.1 Billion Dollars on July 10, 2008.

XM Satellite Radio and Air America Radio are two main clients of Traffic Pulse, and its media partners include Accuweather and The Weather Channel. In addition, it has established partnerships with many of the transportation agencies in each state serviced.

Impact in Philadelphia

As of 2005, Traffic Pulse is the lead provider of traffic services to several clients in its "home turf", Philadelphia.

Traffic Pulse serves television stations KYW, WCAU, WPSG, WTXF, and WPVI; and radio stations WXPN, WXTU, WOGL, and WYSP.

These were all acquired within 2-3 years' time from Traffic Pulse's main competitor, Westwood One Metro Networks, which slowly continues to lose clients both in Philadelphia and across the country to the company.

Cities served

As of 2008, Traffic Pulse serves clients in the following United States metropolitan areas and their respective suburban regions:

*Atlanta, Georgia
*Albany, New York
*Austin, Texas
*Baltimore, Maryland
*Birmingham, Alabama
*Boston, Massachusetts
*Charlotte, North Carolina
*Chicago, Illinois
*Cincinnati, Ohio
*Cleveland, Ohio
*Columbus, Ohio
*Dallas, Texas
*Denver, Colorado
*Detroit, Michigan
*Fort Worth, Texas
*Greensboro, North Carolina
*Hartford, Connecticut
*Houston, Texas
*Indianapolis, Indiana
*Jacksonville, Florida
*Kansas City, Missouri
*Las Vegas, Nevada
*Los Angeles, California
*Louisville, Kentucky
*Miami, Florida
*Milwaukee, Wisconsin
*Minneapolis, Minnesota
*Nashville, Tennessee
*New Orleans, Louisiana
*New York City, New York
*Norfolk, Virginia
*Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
*Orlando, Florida
*Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
*Phoenix, Arizona
*Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
*Portland, Oregon
*Providence, Rhode Island
*Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
*Richmond, Virginia
*Sacramento, California
*Salt Lake City, Utah
*San Antonio, Texas
*San Diego, California
*San Francisco, California
*Seattle, Washington
*St. Louis, Missouri
*Tampa, Florida
*Tucson, Arizona
*Tulsa, Oklahoma
*Washington, D.C.

External links

* [ Traffic Pulse website]
* [ Navteq Corporate website]
* [ Nokia Corporate website]
* [ AirSage Inc.] - provider of real time traffic data to Traffic Pulse based on Floating Cellular Data also known as Floating Car Data.

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