Matter Master

Matter Master
Matter Master
Matter Master as seen in HawkMan #23 (March 2004)
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance The Brave and the Bold #35 (April-May 1961)
Created by Gardner Fox
Joe Kubert
In-story information
Alter ego Mark Mandrill
Team affiliations Secret Society of Super Villains
The Society
Injustice Society
Abilities Controls matter via use of "Mentachem" wand, Genius intelligence

The Matter Master is a DC Comics supervillain and a recurring Hawkman foe. Created by Gardner Fox and Joe Kubert, he first appeared in The Brave and the Bold # 35 (April-May 1961).


Fictional character history

Scientist turned alchemist Mark Mandrill is trying to turn lead into gold, when the compound he is working on explodes. Instinctively shouting "Stay away from me!", he is amazed when the compound obeys his commands. Dubbing the material "Mentachem", he makes a wand out of it and uses it to begin a life of crime.[1] He fought against Hawkman for many years, as well as the Justice League of America. He is also a member of the Secret Society of Super Villains.[2]

In Hawkman vol. 4 #23 (March 2004), the Matter Master kidnaps the richest people in St. Roch to draw Hawkman into a confrontation. The battle lasts only a few seconds, ending when Hawkman uses his axe to sever Matter Master's right arm. Mandrill later returns in the JLA "Crisis of Conscience" story arc, in league with a team of other villains who had been victims of mind-wipes by the JLA.[3]

Powers and abilities

Matter Master has no innate superpowers, but as long as he is in contact with his "Mentachem" wand he can reshape, transmute, or levitate any matter. The effect vanishes over time or as soon as he loses contact with the wand, explaining why he has not simply used the wand's power to become rich without resorting to crime.

Other versions

  • Matter Master appears in the comic book Justice League Unlimited #31, which is based on the animated series of the same name. His powers allow him to control Metamorpho (due to his elemental nature).
  • In the first story arc of the 2011 Batman Beyond ongoing series, a metahuman control officer named 'Carson Jatts discovers that the many metahuman energies he has been exposed over the years has started to kill him. Wanting revenge against the superhero community, Jatts tries to steal the metachem wand, but accidentally absorbs it's energies into his hand, giving him the power to change elements by touch.[4] After suffering an injury following an altercation with the Justice League Unlimited, Jatts turns his powers upon himself, restoring his body and dubbing himself the new Matter Master.[5]
  • Matter Master had a cameo in The All-New Batman: The Brave and the Bold issue #9.


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