First Republic

First Republic

Around the world there have been a number of First Republics:
*Austrian First Republic (1918-1934) – see History of Austria
*French First Republic (1792-1804)
*In Italy the term "First Republic" is used informally to refer to the period from the formal proclamation of Italian Republic in 1948 up to 1991, when a series of scandals (mainly bribery) and investigations hit many politicians.
*First Philippine Republic (1899-1901)
*Polish First Republic - see Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth (1569-1795)
*First Republic of Czechoslovakia (1918-1938)
*Portuguese First Republic (1910-1926)
*First Spanish Republic (1873-1874)
*First Republic of Nigeria (1963-1966)
*First Republic of South Korea (1948-1960)
*First Republic of Venezuela (1811-1812)

*First Republic Bank of San Francisco, California, bought by Merrill Lynch in 2007
*First RepublicBank Corporation of Dallas, Texas, which folded in the Savings and Loan crisis of the late 1980s

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