South African general election, 1984

South African general election, 1984

The 1984 South African general election held in August of that year, saw a number of Coloured and Indian parties participating in an election for the houses of parliament created for their respective racial groups, although a majority of people in both of these groups opposed the Tricameral Parliament, as it was called.

The election for the 85-member (Coloured) House of Representatives was won by the Labour Party, headed by the Reverend Allan Hendrickse, with 76 out of the 80 directly elected seats.

The election for the 45-member (Indian) House of Delegates was contested by five parties, all favouring the protection of minority rights and rejecting a unitary state on the basis of one person-one vote. In the election for the 40 directly elected seats, the National People's Party won 18 seats and Solidarity 17; these two parties formed a governing alliance in January 1986.

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