Dan II of Denmark

Dan II of Denmark

Dan II is one of the legendary Danish kings described in Saxo Grammaticus' Gesta Danorum.

Uffoni Dan filius succedit. Qui cum, transfusis in exteros proeliis, trophaeorum frequentia rerum dominium propagasset, partum gloriae fulgorem taetro superbiae squalore fuscavit, ita a clarissimi parentis honestate degenerans, ut, cum ille ceteris moderatione praestiterit, hic ceteros fastuosa tumidus elatione contempserit. Sed et paterna bona, vel quae ipse exterarum gentium manubiis pepererat, flagitiis disiciebat, opes, quae regio splendori servire debuerant, voracibus sumptuum impensis tribuens. Sic interdum a maioribus suis similia portentis pignora desciscunt. Gesta Danorum, 4.6 Olrik's edition

Uffe was succeeded by his son DAN, who carried his arms against foreigners, and increased his sovereignty with many a trophy; but he tarnished the brightness of the glory he had won by foul and abominable presumption; falling so far away from the honour of his famous father, who surpassed all others in modesty, that he contrariwise was puffed up and proudly exalted in spirit, so that he scorned all other men. He also squandered the goods of his father on infamies, as well as his own winnings from the spoils of foreign nations; and he devoured in expenditure on luxuries the wealth which should have ministered to his royal estate. Thus do sons sometimes, like monstrous births, degenerate from their ancestors. The Danish History, Book Four Elton's translation

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