Target Earth (video game)

Target Earth (video game)

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title = Target Earth/Assault Suits Leynos

developer = Nippon Computer Systems Corporation
publisher = DreamWorks
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released = US March 16, 1990 / Japan 1990
genre = platform game, action game
modes = Single player
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platforms = Sega Mega Drive / Sega Genesis, Virtual Console
media = 2 megabit cartridge
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input = Control pad

"Target Earth" ("Assault Suits Leynos" or "Jūsō Kihei Reinosu"; 重装機兵レイノス in Japan) is a video game developed by NCS Corp in 1990 for the Sega Genesis and the Sega Mega Drive. It is the first game of the Assault Suits series.


"Target Earth" is about Earth's outcasts, who have become Cyborgs, returning from space to attack the civilization that remained behind. The Earth Defense League fought to defend earth in a galactic war. The battle begins in Ganymede. The game alternates between battles in space, on planets, on the earth and inside enemy outposts.

In the Assault Suit Valken 2, player's side is named OPTOF (Outer Planet Treaty Organization Force) and enemy side is named Daess.


Much of the games mechanics fall inline with a platform game. Depending on how well you performed in the previous stage, you were rewarded with more weapons and ammo in the next stage. The game did feature 15 weapons, which was considered a lot of firepower for a platform game in the early 90s. Adding accessories like shields, armors and hover packs, the game would add replay value depending on what you bring to battle.

Fan base

Some fans consider it as one of the hardest games ever, but a good game nonetheless.Or|date=August 2008Fact|date=August 2008 The game featured some of the best parallax effects on the Mega Drive/Genesis system during the period of the game's release.Fact|date=August 2008 Target Earth filled a void at a time when franchised Robotech-like video games were virtually nonexistent in the US.Or|date=August 2008Fact|date=August 2008


Assault Suit Valken 2, a strategy game released for Playstation, is actually a remake of original Target Earth. Both games, although different in genre and name, have more or less the same story: Outcasts return to Earth and attack the Earth Government that left them behind. Just like the first game, war begins in Ganymede. However, ASV2 has a more detailed story and many new characters. ASV2 never released in English and didn't receive much attention in Japan either, possibly because it was released shortly after Front Mission 3.

In ASV2, hero of Cybernator (Assault Suit Valken), Jake (Full name: Jake Brain) makes a cameo appearance in the game as an NPC.


* The game is labeled as one player, however you can control the enemies with the 2nd player controller.
* Upon finishing the US version of Target Earth, the very final credit roll screen will show the Japanese name "Assault Suits Leynos".
* Unknown to the common public, Target Earth received a prequel that went by the name of Cybernator. Cybernator was released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment system, which was one of the reasons why the games may have been considered separate entities. The true game names made more sense though, with Target Earth's being "Assault Suit Leynos", and Cybernator's being "Assault Suit Valken". Although the American names were different, the games possessed a lot of similarities. Much of the mecha and technology seemed to have similar roots, as did the gameplay mechanics. Both games were also story driven by way of text being displayed at the bottom of the screen entailing conversations between characters.Target Earth and Cybernator shared a number of common themes:
*Both featured variable weapons systems that the player could equip while on the fly. Additionally, there was 360 degree (or close to it) aiming, and the ability to engage in aerial or Zero-G combat.
*The enemy in both games was predominantly colored green.
*Both games offered mission briefings and interaction/involvement with NPCs (Non-Player Characters). This helped to convey the notion that the Player was involved in an actual war, and wasn't so much a one-man army. Although simple in nature, the support of friendly mecha or a fly-by made by friendly aircraft served to help with immersion.
*Both games pitted the protagonist against a formidable nemesis who would plague the Player until the final level.
*The ending of both games brought about the destruction of the player's Assault Suit.
*There were a number of instances involving similar levels: Zero-G combat culminating in a battle with an enemy artillery-ship, a free fall drop to Earth with the Player fighting the enemy on the way down, Zero-G combat pitting the Player against massive enemy warships, underground assaults on enemy bases to destroy heavy/secret weapons, a final battle involving a confrontation with the "nemesis" and later the "political leader" of the enemy forces.
*Certain scenes in the U.S. versions of both games were censored: in "Target Earth", the scene where a comrade doesn't make it back to the ship (and burns up in the atmosphere) was removed. In "Cybernator", the scene where the enemy commander commits suicide after his defeat, was cut.

ee also

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