Game Boy Printer

Game Boy Printer

The Game Boy Printer ("Pocket Printer" in Japan) by Nintendo is a thermal printer designed for the Game Boy and Game Boy Color systems and was released in 1998. It prints images from compatible games (listed below) on rolls of white, pale blue or pale yellow thermal paper with adhesive backing, 3.8cm wide, and runs on six AA batteries. It primarily functions with the Game Boy Camera, although some late-generation Game Boy and Game Boy Color games also work in conjunction with it. Nintendo ceased manufacture in 2003. [ [ Gameboy Camera In Red: Video Games ] ]

In Japan, a bright yellow Pokémon version of the Game Boy Printer with a PokéBall emblem was released.

Amazon also sold a CD-ROM with a parallel port cable for printing GB pictures using a PC and regular printer. This cable has now been discontinued, however, hobbyists can [ make their own] cable for uploading images to their computer.

The system will also print a message reading "Hello!" if it is turned on while the feed button is held. According to the manual, this is used to test if the printer works properly.

Games with Game Boy Printer support

*"Alice in Wonderland
*"Disney's Dinosaur
*"Disney's Tarzan
*"Donkey Kong Country
*"ET Digital Companion
*Game Boy Camera
*"Harvest Moon 2
*"Little Mermaid 2 Pinball Frenzy
*"Little Nicky
*"Magical Drop
*"Mickey's Racing Adventure
*"Mickey's Speedway USA
*"NFL Blitz
*"Perfect Dark
*"Pokémon Crystal
*"Pokémon Gold and Silver
*"Pokémon Pinball
*"Pokémon Trading Card Game
*"Quest For Camelot
*"Super Mario Bros. Deluxe
*"Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2"

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* [ Game Boy Printer Emulator] - a program to transfer images from the Game Boy Camera to PC


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