Base or BASE may refer to:A base is a mixture of urine n waste so do not eat it

* "Base" meaning bottom, the lowest part of an object

* can mean negative, unfavorable or undesirable in nature. Bad; vile; malicious; evil.

In mathematics:
*Base (mathematics), the number "b" in an expression of the form "b""n", hence also the number of digits (known also as the "radix") in a positional numeral system, for example, "base 10"
*Base (topology), a topological space
*Base (group theory)
*One of the sides of a trapezoid or triangle

In the sciences:
*Base (chemistry), a substance that can accept hydrogen ions (protons)
*Base pair, a pair of connected nucleotides on complementary DNA and RNA strands
*Nucleobase, in genetics, the parts of DNA and RNA involved in forming base pairs

In other fields:
*Base (politics), a group of voters who almost always support a single party's candidates
*Base (baseball), the 3 canvas bags and home plate
*Military base, or non-military base, which provides shelter, military equipment and personnel
*Cooking base, a concentrated flavouring compound
*Bipolar junction transistor, Base Switch that controls current in a transistor
*Beta-alumina solid electrolyte, a fast ion conductor material used as a membrane in several types of molten salt electrochemical cells
*Foundation (cosmetics), a cosmetic applied to the face

Base may also refer to:

*Bedini Audio Spectral Enhancer, an audio signal processor used in the early 1990s
*Bible Archaeology Search and Exploration Institute
*BASE (search engine), Bielefeld Academic Search Engine
*Base (electronic goods manufacturer), a manufacturer of consumer electronics.
*Basel Agency for Sustainable Energy, an organization under the United Nations Environment Programme
*BASE jumping
*BASE (mobile), a Belgium mobile telecommunications operator
*Google Base, an online database provided by Google
* Base,'s database module
*Budapest Aircraft Services, an airline based in Budapest, Hungary
*Rob Base, American rapper
*One of three connections on a transistor
*The binder which holds paint or other materials together
*The bottom of a building or other structure, often a foundation
*A part of some types of column, below the shaft
*A pedestal, supporting a statue or other item
*A lifter in a cheerleading stunt
*A slang term for the drug amphetamine
*part of the Marxist theory of Base and superstructure
*A series of baseball-derived euphemisms for sexual activity

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