Magic in Negima

Magic in Negima

This page discusses the magic and magic systems in the manga and anime series "".

Western Mages and Eastern Mages

In Negima, the two main divisions of magic shown are Western (European) and Eastern (Asian). Western magic is largely based on real-life Western fantasy myths and lore, with monsters and spiritual entities such as dragons, salamanders, and valkyries. Western magic is commonly invoked through the chanting of Latinite incantations, though incantations in Ancient Greek and Sanskrit have been demonstrated, and future storylines may include others. However, skilled mages have been shown to use magic without incantations, eliminating one of the greatest vulnerabilities of a magic-user.

What has been seen of Negima's Eastern magic so far is that it is largely based on traditional Far-Eastern religion and folk belief. Eastern Mages often exclusively utilize talismans and charms to invoke magic and summon demons, although incantations to activate them are common as well.

There are also significant differences between Western and Eastern schools in how mages typically apply magic in the field. The Western school of mages emphasizes the mage as a part of a team; the mage casts spells, whilst the partner or allies provide support, protecting the magician. In this way, many of the spells have a focus on two main sections: support powers, such as magic barriers, healing, and precognition, and assault powers, designed to either fire too many attacks to dodge, or to make an extremely powerful attack to break through any magic barriers. Even in this grouping however, many of these spells are designed for sealing, capture, and disarming rather than for outright destruction of the enemy.

On the other hand, Eastern Mage schools emphasize the mage as a lone operative, with many of the spells devised to disrupt and confuse rather than to play a role in direct combat. In addition, the Eastern mage's talismans are highly specific. An assault demon, for example, will last until it is either destroyed, or until no more enemies remain, and then dissipate. In much the same way, a defensive demon will only last until it defends the mage from an assault. Once there are no possible threats, they dissipate. Talisman monsters, such as the assault (zenki) and protective (goki) demons, are an exception; these talisman monsters last until their purpose is accomplished, or until they are destroyed. In the case that no orders are given to talismans, they will take whatever task they are first given, and attempt to complete that. Once that task is completed, they return to paper.

Mages, whether from the East or West, cannot travel through time.


While not an actual spell, most mages and magical beings use magic to augment their physical abilities and for protection. For example, the ten-year-old Negi Springfield is, with the help of his magic, slightly more physically capable than a normal adult male. Mages can also increase this boost deliberately, for protection or to increase combat abilities, if a combat mage. Negi has discovered two methods of doing this. The first is by essentially invoking a pactio with himself, giving himself a timed boost of energy. The second is with a spell called Cantus Bellax. The first method, however, causes physical pain after a few seconds of use, therefore is not recommended.

Most mages have a low-level barrier that protects them against physical blows, letting only a fraction of the force behind them pass through to strike the mage. This barrier is not a perfect defense, as it can be worn down by repeated blows, or can be broken by a spell as a prelude to an attack. In addition, some people are capable of breaking or bypassing barriers altogether. Asuna Kagurazaka (in various situations - see Magic Canceller below) and Chizuru Naba (when striking a demon with her hand) have both been shown capable of getting past barriers, often completely by accident.

In addition, a popular form of barrier is an area-effect shield used to prevent mundanes from getting in an area where mages battle or otherwise conduct business in the open. This barrier works to mask sound, to prevent overhearing, and causes a desire of anyone outside the barrier to want to leave the area. This is more of a suggestion than outright mental control, as a person can choose to fight the feeling if they are aware of it.

Activation Keyword

All Western Mages use an activation keyword or phrase, usually the latter, before chanting a spell. According to Chamo, the keyword unlocks the mage's magical pathways and can considered to be like a focal point. The keyword can be any kind of phrase or even nonsense, as long it feels comfortable and natural to the user. The ceremony for finalizing it is described as long and complex, so Chamo had suggested to Yue to put some thought into deciding on hers. Some of the known activation keys are as follows:

:Negi Springfield: Ras tel Ma scir Magister:Nagi Springfield: Manman terotero:Evangeline A.K. McDowell: Lic Lac La Lac Lilac:Chao Lingshen: Ras Teil My Magic scir Magister:Mei Sakura: Maple Naple À La Mode:Natsume Megumi: Rap Tjap La Tjap Ragpur:Kataragi: Dig Dir Dilic Volholl:Fate Averruncus: висю тал ли сютал вангэит (Visju Tal Li Sjutal Vangèit):Thurdonzi: Nettos Natos Nayatos:Mitsuru Nijuin: Nicman Pizaman Fuchahireman! (Nikuman (steamed pork bun), pizaman (pizza-like steamed bun), fukahireman (steamed shark-fin bun)):Ayase Yue: Foa Zoa Cratia Socratia:Collet Farandor: Annet Ti Net Garnet:Emily Sevensheep: Tarot Carrot Charlotte:J Von Katze: Baiti Mighty Wendy:S Du Chat: Pacnam Tinuts Cocnuts

Beginner's Incantation

:Latin: Practe Bigi Nar "Ardescat"/"Vente"/"Lux":English: Practe Bigi Nar "Burn"/"Breeze"/"Light"

This is possibly one of the simplest of spells and is used as practice for novices. This is what Negi demonstrated to Nodoka, Yue, and Konoka in volume 8. Setsuna was already able to do this on one finger, although strictly speaking her ability to do this is not due to western magic like this spell.

(Edit: In the Negima!? anime, Setsuna demonstrates this technique to prove that she was aware of magic only to save Negi from getting turned into an animal and having his magic certification revoked. She later tells Negi that it was not magic but her merely channeling her Ki to her finger. "I'm not affiliated with magic...")

The spell causes a small flame to appear on the tip of the practice wand. Though the spell seems minor, making a flame appear from nothing (even in a vacuum) is considered substantial. The girls used this spell during the fight against Graf Wilhem Josef Von Herrmann, as the incantation was a focal point to escape from their water prison. Yue and Konoka were able to achieve this feat by the time of the Mahora Festival, (though it could also be due to the extra magical power being emitted by the World Tree). Nodoka has yet to show any proficiency with this spell, though it can be presumed that she is able to do so by the end of the Mahora Festival and Asuna's training before the trip to Wales.

Note that "Practe Bigi Nar" is intended to be a beginner mage's spell key, similar in nature and use as a Western Mage's spell key but less powerful, while "Ardescat" is the spell. Other characters, most notably Yue Ayase, have used the "Practe Bigi Nar" key for other miscellaneous beginner spells as well. It is also shown during Jack Racan's demonstration to Negi to be able to be used with more powerful spells such as Magia Ereba.

Captus Flammeus (Fiery Captor)

Possibly used to strangle the enemy like a rope but instead using flames. Mei used this to capture Asuna and her friends, until Asuna cancelled it with her artifact.

:Latin: "Ex Somno Exsistat Exurens Salamandra Inimicum Involvat Igne! Captus Flammeus!":English: "Let the Blazing Salamander Appear and Cover the Enemy with Fire! Fiery Captor!"

Vinctus Aquarius (Water Binder)

:Latin: "Ex Somno Exsistat Exundans Undina Inimicum Immergat in Alveum! Vinctus Aquarius!":English: "Let the Wave-Tossed Undine Appear from Sleep and Submerge the Enemy into the Riverbed! Water Binder!"

The water-based version of this spell, used by Mei's teammate Natsume Megumi.

Crystallizatio Tellustris (Frozen Earth)

This spell causes all moisture near the earth's surface to instantly freeze, causing jagged pillars of ice to jut up from the ground. If not dodged effectively, the opponent's feet will be likewise frozen to the spot, immobilizing them. Evangeline used this spell against Negi to knock him out of the air during their fight, the ice pillars being a navigation hazard to low-flying objects.

:Latin: "Veniant Spiritus Glaciales! Extentantur Aeri! Tundram et Glaciem, Loci Noctis Albae! Crystallizatio Tellustris!":English: "Come, Spirits of Ice! Spread Forth into the Air! Tundra and Glacier in the Realm of White Night! Frozen Earth!"

Cura (Cure)

A basic healing spell used by Konoka during the final event of the Mahorafest, it can easily heal most low-level wounds.

:Latin: "Tui Gratia Jovis Gratia Sit Cura!":English: "Let the Grace of Jupiter Be the Cure for Your Sake!"

Διος Τυκος (Axe of Lightning)

A medium-range but powerful Lightning-element attack that is invoked in Ancient Greek (pronounced Dios Tukos), as opposed to Latin. The caster makes a downward-sweeping motion and hits the target with a massive electrical attack. It is a favorite attack of Nagi Springfield, who would combine it with a lightning-charged Sagitta Magica-powered physical attack to help slow the target down and give him a bigger opening. Evangeline and Negi also use this spell.

:Ancient Greek: "Κενότητος ἀστράπσατω δὲ τεμέτω! Δίος τύκος!":Transliteration: "Kenotētos Astrapsatō de Temetō! Dios Tukos!":English: "Come forth from the void, O Thunder, and cut down my enemy! Axe of Lightning!"

Δόρυ Πέτρας (Spear of Stone)

This spell was used by Fate Averruncus, with the intent to fatally stab Evangeline through the chest following her defeat of Ryômon Sukuna no Kami. However, he did not know of her identity at the time, or that she was a vampire, and so Evangeline survived the attack.

:Ancient Greek: "Τό τεῖχος διερξάσθω! Δόρυ Πέτρας!":Transliteration: "To Teichos Dierxasthō! Doru Petras!":English: "Pass Through the Wall! Spear of Stone!"

Ensis Exsequens (Excutioner's Sword)

A spell which instantly violently converts matter from one phase to another (such as from solid to gas, or vise versa). Matter that is converted this way absorbs an incredible amount of heat, so much so that the surrounding area suddenly drastically drops in temperature as a direct result. Even if the brunt of the spell is avoided, therefore, the opponent would still have to deal with this effect.

This spell cannot be considered an Ice-element spell, however. Spells which utilize cold do so by lowering the temperature of an object, causing a condensation effect. Ensis Exsequens, however, causes extreme cold by initiating phase transition via the sudden transformation of solids into gases. For such a high-level spell as this, magical ability of Evangeline's level (or higher) is required.

Evocatio (Evoke; Summon)

While Eastern mages utilize talismans in order to summon demons to assist them, Western mages can use magic to summon spirits to aid in battle as well. This spell evokes, or summons elemental spirits that serve the caster, and can be directed to attack or capture an enemy.

:Latin: "Evocatio Valcyriarum Contubernalia Gladiaria! [Age Capiant!] [Contra Pugnent!] ":English: "I summon the Valkyries, Sword-wielding Sisters of Battle! [Go forth and capture!] [Confront and Attack!] "

Another summoning spell used by Negi in the fight with Chao Lingshen:

:Latin: "Evocatio Spiritualis de Septendecim Valcyriis Mortiferis... ":English: "I summon the Spirits of 17 Deadly Valkyries..."

Chao's fire-based version:

:Latin: "Evocatio Spiritualis de Undetriginta Salamandris Lanciferis...!":English: "I summon the Spirits of 29 Lance-Wielding Salamanders...!"

Exarmatio (Disarm)

One of the most-used spells in Negima, Examartio is a spell designed to disarm enemies of their equipment via a powerful burst of elemental magic.

Depending upon the element of choice, an additional effect may accompany the spell's result, and is occasionally used for comedic effect. "Flans Exarmatio" (Blow Forth and Disarm), Negi's wind-based version, will sometimes cause the target's clothes to explode into flower petals if too much power is used within the spell. "Frigerans Exarmatio" (Freeze and Disarm), the ice version, will freeze clothing and cause it to shatter apart. A heat-based version, "Calefaciens Exarmatio" (Heat Up and Disarm) has been displayed, and Mei Sakura has also demonstrated a long-range variation called "Ad Summam Exarmatio" (Completely Disarm).

Flans Paries Venti Vertentis (Blow Forth, Wall of Churning Wind)

Conjures a powerful tornado around the caster that lasts for several seconds. The inside of the whirlwind is calm, like the eye of a storm, but anything trying to pass through the barrier of wind will get blown away.

:Latin: "Vertatur Tempestas Veris! Nobis Protectionem Aerialem! Flans Paries Venti Vertentis!":English: "O Turning Storm of Spring! Bestow your Aerial Protection upon us! Blow Forth, Wall of Churning Wind!"

Flans Saltatio Pulverea (Blow Forth, Dancing Dust)

Causes a powerful wind to blow in the direction cast. First used by Negi to put out the fire spell cast by Chigusa Amagasaki when she kidnapped Konoka Konoe for the first time during the Kyoto Trip Arc.

:Latin: "Flet Une Vente! Flans Saltatio Pulverea!":English: "Blow, One Gust of Wind! Blow Forth, Dancing Dust!"

Fulguratio Albicans (White Lightning)

A powerful blast of electricity from the caster's palm. It is very powerful against living targets, but not as effective against inanimate objects.

:Latin: "Unus Fulgor Concidens Noctem, in Mea Manu Ens Inimicum Edat! Fulguratio Albicans!":English: "A stream of light to cut through the darkness, spring forth from my hand and throttle my enemy! White Lightning!"

While it is shown to be weak against non-living objects, Yue Ayase manages to break a dragon's horn with it and renders the dragon unconscious. It is implied that if a living creature is near the spell's target, the creature is also affected.

Flagarantia Rubicans (Red Blaze)

A medium-level fire blast used by Mei Sakura. Note the final part of the spell is identical to that of the Fulguratio Albicans, marking it as the Fire-based version of Negi's spell. Another user of this spell is Chao Lingshen; she is shown unleashing this spell when she was fighting Negi in the "Battle of Mahora" arc.

:Latin: "Omne Flammans Flamma Purgatus, Domine Extinctionis et Signum Regenerationis, in Mea Manu Ens Inimicum Edat! Flagrantia Rubicans!":English: "Ever-burning Fire of Purification, Lord of Destruction and Sign of Rebirth, Spring Forth from My Hand and Throttle My Enemy! Red Blaze!"

Iaculatio Fulgoris (Lightning Spears)

A spell which creates several enormous lances made of lightning. Negi used these to pierce and pin down the sandworm creatures being used by the bounty hunter group Black Hounds that was hunting after Nodoka.

:Latin: "Locos Umbrae Regnans Scáthach! In Manum Meum Dedo Iaculum Daemonium Cum Spinis Triginta! Iaculatio Fulgoris!":English: "Scathach, who Reigns over the Realm of Shadows! Surrender unto my Hands Thirty Barbed Demonic Spears! Lightning Spears!"

Iaculation Grandinis (Hailstone Spears)

An Ice-element version of Iaculatio Fulgoris, used by Emily Sevensheep to help an amnesiac Yue Ayase defeat a Griffin dragon.

Illusion Breaker

A spell used to break illusion spells, the illusary world will shatter like glass upon use. Yue used this spell to break the illusion curse placed in the church basement.

:Latin: "Se Dissolvant Circumstantia Falsa!":English: "Let the False World Dissolve Itself!"

Incendium Gehennae (Hellfire Conflagration)

A Fire and Darkness-element spell used by Rakan. Its effects are unknown, as Rakan absorbed the spell into himself as a demonstration of Magia Erebea.

:Latin: "Agite Tenebrae Abyssi, Ensis Incendens! Et Incendium Caliginis Umbrae Inimicitiae Destructionis Ultionis! Incendant et Me et Eum, Sint Solum Incendentes! Incendium Gehennae!!":English: "Come Forth, Darkness of the Abyss, Burning Sword! And the Conflagration of Mist, Shadows, Enmity, Destruction, and Vengeance! Set he and I aflame, burning to our very foundation! Hellfire Conflagration!"

Infernus Scholacticus (School Hell)

The name of a curse placed upon Evangeline by Nagi Springfield that weakens Evangeline's magic power and prevents her from leaving the Mahora campus, a spell normally used to force truants to attend school. The spell can usually be lifted by other mages but Nagi put so much energy into the spell that only Nagi himself would have that power required to cancel it out, but the headmaster, Konoemon Konoe, was able to allow her to visit Kyoto briefly, since it was an official school activity, although this required Konoemon to stamp a permission form every 5 seconds for the entire duration of her stay there. There is an additional element to the curse in Evangeline's case restricts her magical abilities. This restriction is enforced by technological rather than magical means, and Chachamaru Karakuri was able to lift the restriction temporarily during a blackout by hacking into the control system. The incantation for this curse is unknown but, according to Nagi, the spell is pretty long and takes much more magical power.

Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens (Jupiter's Storm of Thunder)

This is one of the most powerful long-range magic attacks. The caster combines Wind and Thunder magic and unleashes them at the enemy in a massive storm of destructive energy.

:Latin: "Veniant Spiritus Aeriales Fulgurientes! Cum Fulguratione Flet Tempestas Austrina! Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens!":English: "Come, Spirits of Air and Lightning! Southern Storm Which Blows with Lightning! Jupiter’s Storm of Thunder!"

Nivis Tempestas Obscurans (Snowstorm of Darkness)

A variation used by Evangeline, which utilizes Ice and Dark Magic.

:Latin: "Veniant Spiritus Glaciales Obscurantes! Cum Obscuratione Flet Tempestas Nivalis! Nivis Tempestas Obscurans!":English: "Come, Spirits of Ice and Darkness! O Snowstorm which Blows with Darkness! Snowstorm of Darkness!"

Κακόν ὄμμα πετρῶσεως (Evil Eye of Petrifaction)

:Ancient Greek: "Βασιλισκὲ γαλεώτε μετά κᾦκτὼ ποδῶν καί κακοῖν ὀμμάτοιν τό φῶσ ἐμῇ χειρί καθίασ τῷ κακῷ δέργματι τοξευσάτω! Κακόν ὄμμα πετρῶσεως!":Transliteration: "Basiliske Galeōte meta Kōktō Podōn kai Kakoin Ommatoin to Phōs Emēi Cheiri Kathias tōi Kakōi Dergmati Toxeusatō! Kakon Omma Petrōseōs!":English: "Basilisk, Lizard with Eight Legs and Evil Eyes! Light Placed into My Hand, Shoot Forth the Evil Look! Evil Eye of Petrification!"

A spell used by Fate Averruncus, when the spell is launched, the user's finger will shoot forth a concentrated beam of magical energy, similar to a laser beam, that petrifies everything it hits.

Κοσμικη Καταστροφή (The End of the World)

A spell incanted by Evangeline to defeat the Demon-God Sukuna (Ryômen Sukuna no Kami) during the climax of the Kyoto arc. An Ice-based spell which is incanted in Ancient Greek and requires a massive amount of magical power to set the spell into effect, as the effect defies that of the Laws of thermodynamics.

:Ancient Greek: "Τὸ συμβόλαιον διακονῆτω μοί, ἡ κρυστάλλινη βασίλεια! Ἐπιγενηθήτω, ταἰώνιον ἔρεβος, αἱώνιε κρύσταλλε! Πάσαις ζωαῖς τὸν ἴσον θάνατον, ὃς ἀταραξία! Κοσμικὴ Καταστροφή!":Transliteration: "To Sumbolaion Diakonētō Moi, hē Krustallinē Basileia! Epigenēthētō, Taiōnion Erebos, Haiōnie Krustalle! Pasais Zōais ton Ison Thanaton, hos Ataraxia! Kosmikē Katastrophē!":English: "Heed the Contract and Serve Me, Queen of Ice! Come, Unending Darkness, Eternal Glacier! Bring Death to All That Has Life, Eternal Rest! End of the World!"

The target and its surrounding space is first made frozen when the phrase "Haionie Krustalle" ("Eternal Glacier") is spoken, then the demobilized enemy would shatter to pieces when the part of the spell "Kosmike Katastrophe" ("End of The World") is uttered. Evangeline would often leave out the final, and fatal, portion of the spell for those pursuers who would have shown mercy on her.

Οὐρανία Φλόγωσις (Blazing Heat In The Sky)

Οὐρανία Φλόγωσις (read: Ourania Phlogosis) is a high-level spell casted by Chao Lingshen during her battle with Negi on the 3rd day of Mahorafest (Ch. 158). Initially, Chao was unable to use incantation magic until she decided to unseal and activate the series of magical glyphs drawn on her body, when she was in disadvantage of having her Cassiopeia broken and her automatic defense system destroyed as well. The price for the process however, is very damaging and painful to her.

The spell has a long verse and during the incantation, magical energy is charged. Once the incantation is finished, a massive firestorm is unleashed and burns everything in its path. Even when Negi had set his magical barrier to the strongest, he still receives damage from the blaze.

The structure of the spell's incantation is also similar to that of Κοσμικὴ Καταστροφή (End of the World) used by Evangeline, indicating that this is the fire-based variation of the spell.

:Ancient Greek: "Τὸ συμβόλαιον διακονῆτω μοί, ο τύραννε φλογός! Ἐπιγενηθήτω, φλόξ καθάρσεως, ῥομφαία φλογίνη! Ῥευσάντων πῦρ καί θεῖον, ἇ ἐπέφλεγον Σόδομα, ἁμαρτωλούς, εἰς χοῦν θανάτου! Οὐρανία Φλόγωσις!":Transliteration: To Sumbolaion Diakonētō Moi, o Turanne Phlogos! Epigenēthētō, Phlox Katharseōs, Rhomphaia Phloginē! Rheusantōn Pur kai Theion, ha Epephlegon Sodoma, Hamartōlous, Eis Choun Thanatou! Ourania Phlogōsis!":English: "Heed the Contract and Serve Me, O Tyrant of Flame! Come, flame of purification, fiery broadsword. Fire and brimstone surging forth, Sodom was burning, turning the sinners into the dust of death! Blazing Heat in the Sky!"

Lagena Signatoria (Sealing Bottle)

:Latin: "Hexagramma et Pentagramma, Malos Spiritus Sigillent! Lagena Signatoria!":English: "Let the Hexagram and Pentagram Seal the Evil Spirits! A Sealing Bottle!"

A spell used for sealing demons inside the Demon-Sealing Bottle.Used by Stan and Yue and Nodoka to seal the Slime Sisters.

Limes Aeriales (Boundary Wall of Air)

A medium level magical barrier that uses air currents to protect against fire, cold, poison gas, and other air-related attacks.

Malleus Aquilonis (Hammer of the Ice God)

The caster gathers ambient water from the air and fuses it into a gigantic ball of ice, which is then dropped onto the target. "Aquilonis" refers to Aquilon, the God of the North Wind. So far, the incantation for this spell has not been revealed.

Memory Sharing Spells

:Latin: "Nympha Somnii, Regina Maeve! Portam Aperiens ad Se Nos Alliciat!":English: "Dream Fairy, Queen Maeve! Let Her Draw Us to Her While She Is Opening the Gate!"

:Latin: "Mater Musarum, Mnemosyne! Ad Se Me Alliciat!":English: "Mother of the Muses, Mnemosyne! Let Her Draw Us to Her!"

Spells used by Negi in order to enter the memory of Evangeline while she was asleep and dreaming of his father, and to share his own memories of his village's destruction with Asuna.The spell can also be detected by Nodoka's artifact, while using this she can understand the past of someone whom mind's was charmed by this spell.

Nebula Hypnotica (Sleep-Inducing Fog)

:Latin: "Aer et Aqua, Facti Nebula Illis Somnum Brevem! Nebula Hypnotica!":English: "Air and Water, Become a Fog and Grant a Short Rest to These People! Sleep-Inducing Fog!"

A light fog appears around the caster, causing anyone else within its range to fall asleep for a short time. It is also possible to affect only one person by this spell, by exchanging "illis" for "his" within the incantation.

Πνοή Πέτρας (Breath of Stone)

:Ancient Greek: "Βασιλισκὲ γαλεώτε μετά κὦκτὼ ποδῶν καί κακοῖν ὀμμάτοιν πνοῆν τοῦ ἰοῦ τόν χρόνον παραιροῦσαν! Πνοή Πέτρας!":Transliteration: "Basiliske Galeōte meta Kōktō Podōn kai Kakoin Ommatoin Pnoēn Tou Iou Ton Chronon Parairousan! Pnoē Petras!":English: "Basilisk, Lizard with Eight Legs and Evil Eyes! Breath of Poison Stealing Time! Breath of Stone!"

A spell used by Fate Averruncus to petrify Negi as he was summoning Setsuna and Asuna to his location. The attack barely grazed him, but its effect spread throughout his body until Konoka was able to counteract the spell.

Refectio (Recovery)

:Latin: "Fragrantia Floris, Meis Amicis Vigorem, Vitalitatem, Auram Salutarem! Refectio!":English: "The Fragrance of a Flower, a Wind that will Fill My Friends with Vigor, Vitality, and Health! Recovery!"

After studying non-stop for 3 days and escaping from Library Island, Negi's students were too tired and drowsy to focus. By using a flower as a catalyst, Negi casts a spell which refreshes their minds and made them more alert. This allows them to concentrate on the 2nd year final exams and win first place.

Sagitta Magica

One of the most basic attack spells, but also very versatile. The caster creates a number of elemental magic missiles and fires them at the target. The number can vary from just one to at least a hundred and ninety-nine arrows, but in the manga is usually a prime number. The missiles have a homing capability, and will track and follow their target at the direction of the caster. Normally, the attack fires in a wide-spread swarm, similar to a Macross Missile Massacre, striking the target from multiple angles, but the caster, by substituting Convergentia for Series, can combine the arrows into a single larger bolt, which is easier to avoid, but hits that much harder.

The elemental variations of the Sagitta Magica shown in the manga are: Wind, Lightning, Light, Ice, Dark, Fire, Water and Sand. Elements are usually used according to the caster's affinities. For Example, Negi primarily uses Light, Lightning, and Wind Arrows but can also because of his training with Jack Rakan use dark, while Evangeline A.K. McDowell mainly uses Ice and Dark and there is currently unknown if she an affinity for any other element.

Different elements may also give the arrows different properties. Wind arrows, for example, usually do not inflict damage but instead bind the target, while Lightning arrows may paralyze the target if they hit in addition to the damage they do. This makes them useful for stopping someone the caster does not have the intention or ability to hurt.

Some mages, particularly combat mages, will also use the Sagitta Magica to enhance the power of their close-combat attacks. A single Light or Dark arrow can add considerable power to a punch, while adding a Lightning arrow to an attack is doubly useful for the reasons stated above. During the Mahora Martial Arts Tournament and later, Negi demonstrated this by using various types of magic arrows to supplement his blows, such as a technique that he named or .

Self-Sealing Spell

This spell was used by Negi to disable his ability to use magic for three days, in order to help his students study for the upcoming final exams.

:Latin: "Tria Fila Nigra Promissiva, Mihi Limitationem per Tres Dies!":English: "Three black pledge strings, a limitation on myself for three days!"

Magia Erebea

A forbidden technique created by Evangeline A.K. McDowell over a period of 10 years, in which the user absorbs offensive magic designed to harm the enemy into his own body, to the point where it fuses with their very soul. The technique feeds on the user's body and soul, but in return the user gains power many times that of any ordinary person.

"Erebea" is a reference to Erebus, the offspring of Chaos and the Greco-Roman god of darkness and shadow; in later myths, Erebus became synonymous with Hades, as well as the underworld itself. As such, "Magia Erebea" would roughly translate as "Dark Magic".

When the user is able to utilize this technique, as a sign of that ability, a series of flowing tattoo-like designs appear over their arms whenever they channel magical power to them. When the technique itself is active, the user's skin will turn pitch black, and in some cases, their clothing and even their eyes will invert in color. Any special properties of the spell that is absorbed will also transfer to the user.

Magia Erebea has two forms. The first is that the user will completely absorb the magical attack into themselves, thereby gaining its properties. First casting the spell that they wish to absorb, they then chant the following phrases:

:Latin: "Stagnet, Complexio, Supplementum pro Armationem!":Enlglish: "Stagnate, Combination, Supplement for Armament!"

This technique is apparently a three-stage process. As the attack spell is cast, the user will initiate the Magia Erebea with the command "Stagnet," which causes the spell to compact itself into a sphere, rather than being cast as an attack. Then the user will seemingly crush the spell within their fist to absorb it, with "Complexio" incanted at the same time. "Supplementum pro Armationem" then follows, which facilitates the absorption process itself.

The user can also apparently specify what form the absorbed properties of the spell will take – in 219th Period, Negi used Magia Erebea to absorb Jovis Tempestas Fulguriens, to greatly heighten his speed and agility, which he calls "Agilitas Fulminis," or "Speed of Lightning".

Magia Erebea can also be activated without requiring that the user absorb a magical attack, by the incantation:

:Latin: "Actus Noctis Erebeae":English: "Acts of the Dark Night"

The second form of the technique is that the user can store magical spells within themselves without canceling the previous Magia Erebea. By incanting "Supplementum", they will absorb the magic into themselves, but not merge with it, where they can release it at a later time by incanting "Dexter Emittam".

Magic Vampirism

Of note is the fact that while Evangeline A.K. McDowell does not have any of the weaknesses of a vampire; she still makes use of vampirism to empower herself. Before being cursed, she wielded immense magical power, which was likely what prevented any aging. However, the "Infernus Scholacticus" curse placed upon her by Nagi sealed most of that magic power away, leaving her extremely vulnerable. Judging by her physical weaknesses, it can probably be assumed that Evangeline's magical powers probably boosted her physical capabilities. However, upon losing them, her body, which was now more dependent on magic, became far more susceptible to disease than that of an ordinary human, evident in her constant bouts of allergies and hayfever. In fact, it appears the only thing the remaining magic seems to do is prevent her from aging.

In an attempt to counter this, Evangeline has taken to many different techniques to boost her magical capabilities. The first is her use of catalysts that reduce the drain each spell cast has upon her. The second is vampirism, in which the magical power within the blood is consumed, rather than the blood itself. Thus, Evangeline can keep herself from becoming sick, and allow herself to use stronger magic by drinking the blood of someone with significant magic power. This can also explain why Evangeline is significantly healthier and capable of stronger magic later on in the series.

Magic Cancel

Magic Cancel is an ability that completely nullifies magic. Certain magic cast or used on a person with this ability has no effect. However, not all types of magic are nullified. Magic that harms the person is stopped, (excluding spells not directly harming but disabling such as a disarm spell) while magic that helps the person is not. It is unclear how one gets this ability, as it is rare. The only person known to have this ability is Asuna, which may have something to do with her and the Thousand Master, Nagi Springfield. In the anime storyline, she received the ability as the result of a pact with a demon. However, Chizuru was able to actually hurt Graf Wilhelm when she slapped him in volume 8, suggesting that she may have a similar ability, though it is more likely she took him by surprise.

Magical Cancel does not explain all events, such as Asuna not being able to protect herself from Fate Averruncus's magically produced monster. A possible explanation for this is that magical spells are stopped by magic neutralization but they do not stop physical attacks, so even if the attacker is a demon, monster or a person powered by magic any attack that is physical like punching, kicking or using a weapon will not be stopped.

Asuna's weapon is generally a harisen. When Asuna mentions it, a flustered Chamo says that on the card is written "Hamanotsurugi" (which means Demon Banishing Blade). Her ability to banish demons and onmyou monsters in one hit is due to her weapon, not her magic canceling abilities.

The use of love potions with Magic Cancel is not entirely understood. If another person drinks a love potion that causes anyone who sees them to be affected, a person with Magic Cancel would not be affected. However, if someone with Magic Cancel were to drink a love potion that causes them to fall in love with the first person they see, they will be affected. An example is in chapter 54 when Asuna accidentally ate a chocolate that contained such a love potion; fans were confused because Asuna was falling in love with Negi even though she had Magic Cancel. Likely, the potion bypassed cancellation through her eating of it, while the previous potion was an effect coming from the person who drank it.

It is possible that because Magic Cancel does not block helpful magic that it only effects magic that the possessor would not want to happen, such as attacks on their person. But in eating the candy it could be said that Asuna accepted the candy, and the spell on it, into herself in a way that bent whatever rules stipulate the effects of her power. Her ignorance of the spell could explain its weakened power over her because of the fact that she did not understand totally what she had accepted and thus she could not totally accept it.

Possible explanations have been offered for various seeming discrepancies. If Magic Cancel is a protective field that surrounds its source, it would ideally be able to hold out any foreign influence trying to enter said source. Also, the source might use it as an augmentation to physical attacks, allowing it to batter through magical fields, such as Asuna has been seen to do to Evangeline several times, kicking her despite the presence of Eva's defensive shield magic. Any influence working out from the inside, such as a love potion ingested or essence of a Magi absorbed through a kiss or exchange of blood, would not be affected however. Most recently, Asuna was able to break open a "100% Unbreakable Seal" placed on a box by Magic Police, suggesting that her Magic-Cancel ability may behave much like Superboy's tactile telekinesis. It would theoretically allow her to be impervious to magic directed at her, and also allow her to nullify any magic that she touches. This explains instances when Asuna was riding with someone on a broom, like when Negi tried to help her with her newspaper delivery and when she landed on Misora Kasuga's broom during the final battle at the Mahora Festival. When coming into contact with a broom in use, Asuna's magic cancellation disrupts the magic that keeps it afloat.

Count Herrmann's ability to usurp Asuna's Magic Cancel-ability by placing a charm on her seems to indicate that this power has a radius of effect; any power that is already within the radius is apparently able to do its work unopposed. Alternatively, it is possible the Magic Cancel-field is only set to protect its source, not itself.




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