Sidney Siegel

Sidney Siegel

Sidney Siegel (4 January 1916, New York - 29 November 1961) was an American psychologist who became especially well-known for his work in popularising non-parametric statistics for use in the behavioural sciences. He was a co-developer of the statistical test known as the Siegel-Tukey test.

Siegel completed a Ph.D. in Psychology in 1953 at Stanford University. Except for a year spent at the "Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences" at Stanford, he thereafter taught at Pennsylvania State University, until his death in November 1961 of a coronary thrombosis.

See also

* Siegel-Tukey test.
* Carl Ludwig Siegel, and his 1929 Siegel's lemma.



* "Nonparametric Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences", 1956
* "Bargaining and Group Decision Making" (co-authored with Lawrence E. Fouraker), winning the 1959 "Monograph Price" of the American Association for the Advancement of Science
* "Bargaining Behaviour" (co-authoree with Lawrence E. Fouraker).
* "A nonparametric sum of ranks procedure for relative spread in unpaired samples", in "Journal of the American Statistical Association", 1960 (coauthored with John Wilder Tukey)
* "Choice, Strategy, and Utility" (completed posthumously by Alberta E. Siegel and Julia McMichael Andrews)

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* [ In Memory of Alberta and Sidney Siegel]

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