Doodle Do

Doodle Do

Doodle Do is a British television programme designed for pre-school children. It is currently aired on the CBeebies channel. The programme features three "Doodle Doers" — puppets called "Dib-dab", "Scribble" and "Stick" — who interact with a human presenter, Chris (played by Chris Corcoran, a Welsh stand-up comedian).

Dib-dab, Stick and Scribble are literal glove puppets, as they consist of colourful knitted gloves decorated with eyes, noses, and hair. They are operated by three puppeteers who remain concealed behind features of the studio set, such as curtains or boxes, or beneath the raised studio floor. One episode was filmed in the French Ski Resort of 'Les Deux Alpes'.

The programme is a loose "how to" arts feature similar to SMarteenies, but aimed at an even younger audience. Chris and the puppets explore making models from boxes, simple collages and so on. A story is featured, during which the puppets play characters using the items they have created.

The programme always ends with some "Doodle do" and "Doodle don't" advice, such as "Doodle do: have fun with your model car, and doodle don't: forget to tidy up afterwards".

There are also small 5-minute portions of the show called "Doodle Do Making Moments" which are broadcast. These feature one 'make' and do not have much of a storyline.

The three puppets have distinctive personalities. Dib-Dab (Yvonne Stone) is giddily enthusiastic, concerned for others and loves the colour pink so much, that whenever it seems someone else is going to get the pink paper, she will whimper with misery and longing; Scribble (Adam Carter) is a bit of a comedian with a fondness for puns; and Stick (Mark Mander) is rather anxious (similar George from Rainbow, whom Mark Mander has also "played"), and often needs to be reassured by Chris. Stick enjoys chanting the word "Blob" whilst painting or glueing, and seems to get into a trance-like state doing so.

The music includes a gamelan-style tune that accompanies the doodling of animated sandworms in each episode.



  • Presenter: Chris Corcoran
  • Dib-dab: Yvonne Stone
  • Scribble: Adam Carter
  • Stick: Mark Mander
  • Writers: Dean Wilkinson, Trevor Neal, Simon Hickson
  • Music: Richie Webb

Award nominations

  • BAFTA Children's Awards 2006
  • Nominated for Best Pre-school Live Action Series[1]


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