Socket can refer to:

In mechanics:
* Socket wrench, a type of wrench that uses separate, removable sockets to fit different sizes of nuts and bolts
* Socket head screw, a screw (or bolt) with a cylindrical head containing a socket into which the hexagonal ends of an Allan wrench will fit
* Socket termination, a termination used at the ends of wire rope
* An opening in any fitting that matches the outside diameter of a pipe or tube, wtih a further recessed through opening matching the inside diameter of the same pipe or tube

In biology:
* Eye socket, a region in the skull where the eyes are positioned
* Tooth socket, a cavity containing a tooth, in those bones that bear teeth
* Dry socket, a painful opening as a result of the blood not clotting after a tooth is pulled
* Ball and socket joint

In computing:
* Internet socket, an end-point in the IP networking protocol
* Unix domain socket, an end-point in local inter-process communication
* An end-point of a bi-directional communication link in the Berkeley sockets API

Electrical and electronic connectors:
* Electrical outlet, an electrical device connected to a power source onto which another device can be plugged or screwed in
* Antenna socket, a female antenna connector for a television cable
* Jack (connector), one of several types of electronic connectors
* CPU socket, a physical and electrical specification of how to connect a CPU to a motherboard

Socket may also refer to:
* "", a video game created by Vic Tokai on the Sega Genesis
* "Socket (film)", a gay-themed science-fiction indie film

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