name =Feds

caption =Theatrical release poster
imdb_id =0095145
writer =Daniel Goldberg,
Len Blum
starring =Rebecca De Mornay
Mary Gross
director =Daniel Goldberg
producer =
editing = Don Cambern
distributor = Warner Bros.
released =October 28, 1988
runtime = 90 min
country = United States
language =English
budget =|

"Feds" is a 1988 comedy film written and directed by Daniel Goldberg, and starring Rebecca De Mornay and Mary Gross.

Plot details

Ellie DeWitt (Rebecca De Mornay) is a former U.S. Marine who wants to become a Federal Agent. However, where she has the physical skills, she doesn't have as much success in memorizing all the books she needs to learn. Fortunately for her, she's in the same room with Janis Zuckerman (Mary Gross), a woman who is as smart as they come, but physically very weak. Overcoming the male recuits' assumptions of them, Ellie and Janis team up to help each other through the basic training so they can both become federal agents.

During their training, Ellie and Janice must deal with an instructor that seems determined to fail the pair, a fellow trainee that seems more interested in flirting with Ellie (until Ellie asserts her Marine training and pins him against the wall in one exercise), and a geeky co-trainee that seems unable to complete the smallest task.

Joining forces, the three tackle the final practice simulation, (badly) forging the instructor's signature ('he sneezed') and breaking into the radio room to redirect the opposing team (into a swamp).


*"Sleep tight, America. These women carry guns"

Cast and roles include

* Rebecca De Mornay .... Elizabeth 'Ellie' De Witt
* Mary Gross .... Janis Zuckerman
* Ken Marshall .... Brent Shepard
* Fred Dalton Thompson .... Bill Bilecki
* Larry Cedar .... Howard Butz
* Raymond Singer .... George Hupperman

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