Round ligament of uterus

Round ligament of uterus

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Latin = ligamentum teres uteri
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Caption = Sagittal section through the pelvis of a newly born female child. (Label for round ligament of uterus visible at upper right.)

Caption2 = 1. Round ligament
2. Uterus
3. Uterine cavity
4. Intestinal surface of Uterus
5. Versical surface(toward bladder)
6. Fundus of uterus
7. Body of uterus
8. Palmate folds of cervical canal
9. Cervical canal
10. Posterior lip
11. Cervical os (external)
12. Isthmus of uterus
13. Supravaginal portion of cervix
14. Vaginal portion of cervix
15. Anterior lip
16. Cervix
Precursor = lower gubernaculumEmbryologySwiss|ugenital/diffmorpho05]
System =
Artery = uterine artery, artery of round ligament of uterus
Vein =
Nerve =
Lymph =
MeshName = Round+Ligament
MeshNumber = A05.360.319.114.803
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The round ligament of the uterus originates at the uterine horns, in the parametrium.

It leaves the pelvis via the deep inguinal ring [SUNYAnatomyLabs|43|03|02|01 - "The Female Pelvis: The Broad Ligament"] , passes through the inguinal canal and continues on to the labia majora [SUNYAnatomyLabs|36|03|01|05 - "Inguinal Region, Scrotum and Testes: The Internal Surface of the Anterior Abdominal Wall"] where its fibers spread and mix with the tissue of the mons pubis.


The function of the round ligament is maintenance of the anteversion of the uterus (a position where the fundus of the uterus leans ventrally). When the uterus grows during pregnancy, these ligaments can stretch causing pain. [cite web |url= |title=Pregnancy-Round Ligament Pain |accessdate=2008-01-27 |format= |work=]


The round ligament develops from the gubernaculum which attaches the gonad to the labioscrotal swellings in the embryo. ]

Blood Supply

The round ligament is supplied by the artery of the round ligament, otherwise known as "Sampson's artery."



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