Pellicle may refer to:

*Pellicle (mycology), the outermost layer of a mushroom; often used only for a surface that is viscid and easily peels.
*Pellicle (biology), a thin layer supporting the cell membrane in various protozoa
*Pellicle mirror, a thin plastic membrane which may be used as a beam splitter or protective cover in optical systems
*Pellicle (dental), the thin layer of salivary glycoproteins deposited on the teeth of many species through normal biologic processes
*Pellicle, the protective cover which can be applied to a photomask used in semiconductor device fabrication. The pellicle protects the photomask from damage and dirt.
*Pellicle (material), a brand name for a very resistant synthetic material used for covering different surfaces, such as that of the Aeron chair

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  • Pellicle — Pel li*cle, n. [L. pellicula, dim. of pellis skin: cf. F. pellicule.] 1. A thin skin or film. [1913 Webster] 2. (Chem.) A thin film formed on the surface of an evaporating solution. [1913 Webster] …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • pellicle — 1540s, from L. pellicula “small or thin skin,” dim. of pellis “skin, leather, parchment, hide” (see FILM (Cf. film)) …   Etymology dictionary

  • pellicle — [pel′i kəl] n. [L pellicula, dim. of pellis, skin: see FELL4] 1. a thin skin or film, as on a photographic emulsion or on a liquid 2. Zool. a thin nonliving membrane secreted by animal cells, as the envelope covering many protozoans pellicular… …   English World dictionary

  • pellicle — (pel ī k l) A relatively rigid layer of proteinaceous elements just beneath the plasma membrane in many protozoa and algae. The plasma membrane is sometimes considered part of the pellicle …   Dictionary of microbiology

  • pellicle — pellicular /peuh lik yeuh leuhr/, pelliculate /peuh lik yeuh lit, layt /, adj. /pel i keuhl/, n. 1. a thin skin or membrane; film; scum. 2. Photog. a thin, partially reflective coating, as on a beam splitter or pellicle mirror. [1535 45; < L… …   Universalium

  • pellicle —   n. membrane; film.    ♦ pellicular, a.    ♦ pelliculate, a. covered with pellicle …   Dictionary of difficult words

  • pellicle — noun Etymology: Middle French pellicule, from Medieval Latin pellicula, from Latin, diminutive of pellis Date: 1541 a thin skin or film: as a. an outer membrane of some protozoans (as euglenoids or paramecia) b. a film that reflects a part of the …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • pellicle — a glossy film on the cut surface of a fish during dripping due to swelling of protein under the influence of brine and subsequent surface drying in the smoking kiln …   Dictionary of ichthyology

  • pellicle — n. [L. pellis, skin] A thin skin, film or layer …   Dictionary of invertebrate zoology

  • pellicle — The outer covering of a protozoan: the plasma membrane plus underlying reinforcing structures, for example the membrane bounded spaces (alveoli) just below the plasma membrane in ciliates …   Dictionary of molecular biology

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