Generic means pertaining or appropriate to large classes or groups as opposed to specific members of the group. It may refer to:

* Generic mood, a grammatical mood used to make generalized statements like "Snow is white"
* Generic antecedents, referents in linguistic contexts, which are classes.
* Generic role-playing game system, a framework that provides rule mechanics for any setting—world or environment or genre
* Generic drug, a drug identified by its chemical name rather than its brand name

In computer programming:
* Generic function, a computer programming entity made up of all methods having the same name
* Generic programming, (e.g. Free Pascal, C++, Java and C# "generics") a computer programming technique that allows one value to take different datatypes in a type-safe manner
* GENERIC, a component of the GNU Compiler Collection.

In mathematics:
* Generic filter, a mathematical filter that satisfies certain properties.
* Generic point, a special kind of point whose behavior reflects the behavior of a closed subset of an algebraic variety or scheme.
* Generic property, a formal definition of a property shared by almost all objects of a certain type. (For example, almost all functions in a given class or almost all points in a given space.)
* GENERIC formalism, a mathematical framework to describe irreversible phenomena in thermodynamics

In business:
* Generic brand, a brand for a product that does not have an associated brand or trademark other than the trading name of the business providing the product
* Genericized trademark, a trademark that sometimes or usually replaces a common term in colloquial usage
* an ordinary language word which is not a registered tradename.
* Porter generic strategies, a category scheme of business strategies
* Semi-generic, a term used in the United States for certain wine designations that hold no legal meaning

In toponymy:
* the component of a place name that indicates the type of place. For example, in the names "Santa Monica Boulevard" and "Mount Everest", the generics are "Boulevard" and "Mount".

In zoology:
* anything pertaining to a genus.

In music:
* Album - Generic Flipper
* The Nintendo cover-band The Advantage was originally called Generic, and the band Generic is occasionally mentioned in scribblings by members of the band or their labels.

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