Theme may refer to:

The arts

* Theme (music), the initial or principal melody in a musical piece
* Theme (literature), the unifying subject or idea of a story
* Theme (arts), the unifying subject or idea of a visual work
* Theme music, signature music which recurs in a film, television program or performance


* Theme (linguistics), that part of a sentence which indicates what is being talked about
* Theme (linguistics), is a Theta role in Generative grammar and Government and binding theory.
* Theme (linguistics), is a Thematic relation of a noun phrase to a verb. Other thematic relations: agent, patient, etc.
* The inflexional base or stem of a word, consisting of the root with alteration or addition. See Word stem.
** In Indo-European linguistics in particular, the term "thematic" is reserved for a particular class of Vowel stems.


* Theme (Byzantine administrative unit), an administrative district in the Byzantine Empire governed by a Strategos
* Theme (computing), a custom graphical appearance for certain software, similar to a skin
* Theme magazine
* Theme Building, a landmark building in Los Angeles International Airport

imilar concepts

* Motif (visual arts), a recurring theme or pattern in artwork
* Motif (literature), a recurring theme or pattern in literature
* "Themes" (Vangelis album), a compilation album from 1989 by Vangelis
* "Themes" (Clannad album), a compilation album from 1992 by Clannad
* "Themes" (Silent Stream of Godless Elegy album), a 2000 album by Moravian ethno metal band, Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy

pecific kinds of themes

* Festive-themed objects, literature, or works of art
** Christmas-themed
* Theme restaurant
* Theme park

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