Simon House

Simon House

Simon House (born 29 August 1948 in Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England) is a composer and classically-trained violinist and keyboard player, perhaps best known for his work with space rock band Hawkwind.

Prior to Hawkwind, House played in High Tide, a band he helped form, and the Third Ear Band, who contributed the soundtrack to Roman Polanski's "Macbeth". He joined Hawkwind in 1974, playing on some of their classic albums, before leaving for David Bowie's band in 1978.

Along with other Hawkwind members, he guested on science fiction author Michael Moorcock's "New World's Fair" in 1975 and has also played on solo projects by former Hawkwind members Robert Calvert and Nik Turner.

Since the 1970s, as well as playing in a re-formed High Tide, and rejoining Hawkwind during 1989-91 and 2001-03, House has released albums under his own name.


High Tide

* "Sea Shanties" (1969)
* "High Tide" (1970)
* "The Flood" (1990)
* "Sinister Morning" (1970)

Third Ear Band

* "Macbeth" (1972)


* "Hall of the Mountain Grill" (1974)
* "Warrior on the Edge of Time" (1975)
* "Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music" (1976)
* "Quark, Strangeness and Charm" (1977)
* "PXR5" (1979)
* "Lord of Light" (1987)
* "Space Bandits" (1989)
* "Palace Springs" (1990)
* "Live in Nottingham 1990" (2004)
* "Anthology, 1967-1982" (1998)
* "Stasis: The U.A. Years, 1971-1975" (2003)
* "Yule Ritual" (2002)
* "Canterbury Fayre 2001" (2002)
* "The Weird Tapes No. 5: Live '76 & '77" (2001)

Michael Moorcock's Deep Fix

* "New Worlds Fair" (1975)

Robert Calvert

* "Lucky Leif and the Longships" (1975)
* "" (2004)

David Bowie

* "Stage" (1978)
* "Lodger" (1979)
* "Sound + Vision" (2001)

Another Face (Bowie, Fripp, Belew, Alomar, House, etc)

* "Another Face" (1981)

This is incorrect. This album was a reissue of early David Bowie songs circa late 1960's with entirely different musicians on it:

Simon House, Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew were not on these songs and did not start playing with Bowie until 1977, 1978.


* "Tin Drum" (1981)
* "Gentlemen Take Polaroids/Tin Drum/Oil on Canvas" (1994)
* "Exorcising Ghosts" (2004)

David Sylvian

* "Everything and Nothing" (2000)

Thomas Dolby

* "The Golden Age of Wireless" (1986)
* "The Best of Thomas Dolby: Retrospectacle" (1994)

Michael Oldfield

* "The Complete Mike Oldfield" (1985)

Nik Turner

* "Prophets of Time" (1994)
* "Transglobal Friends and Relations" (2000)

imon House

* "Yassasim" (1995)
* "Spiral Galaxy Revisited" (2005)

imon House with Rod Goodway

* "House of Dreams" (2002)

piral Realms

* "A Trip to G9" (1994)
* "Crystal Jungles of Eos" (1995)
* "Solar Wind" (1996)
* "Ambient Voids: A Hypnotic Compilation" (1995)

Earth Lab

* "Element" (2006)

Anubian Lights

* "The Eternal Sky" (1995)
* "Jackal & Nine" (1996)

Ambient Time Travellers

* "Ambient Time Travellers" (1995)

Judy Dyble

* "Spindle" (2006)
* "Enchanted Garden" (2006)


* "Cluster of Waves" (2007)
* "Away With the Fairies" (2007)

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* [ Myspace page for Simon House] Official web site
* [ Astralasia] Official web site

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