Simon Mepeham

Simon Mepeham

Simon Mepeham or Simon Meopham or Simon Mepham was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1328 to 1333.

Infobox Archbishop of Canterbury
Full name = Simon Mepeham

birth_name =
consecration = 5 June 1328
term_end = 12 October 1333
predecessor = Walter Reynolds
successor = John de Stratford
birth_date =
death_date = 12 October 1333
tomb =


Archbishop of Canterbury

Simon was the candidate of the Earl of Lancaster against the candidate supported by Queen Isabella and Roger Mortimer.Weir "Queen Isabella" p. 306] Elected to the Archbishopric of Canterbury on 11 December 1327, Simon Mepeham was consecrated on 5 June 1328, and received the temporalities of the see of Canterbury on 19 September 1328.Fryde "Handbook of British Chronology" p. 233] That winter, he supported a rebellion against the rule of Roger Mortimer that was led by the Earl of Lancaster and supported by the Earl of Norfolk, Earl of Kent and others.Powell "The House of Lords in the Middle Ages" p. 302]

Dispute and excommunication

Mepeham became involved in a dispute about the juridical rights of Churches that had been appropriated by the Monastery of St. Augustine. The monks made an appeal against the Archbishop and the Canon of Salisbury was appointed to mediate. Mepeham was cited to give evidence before the Canon, but refused to attend. The suffragans of Canterbury were in support of Mepeham, but his refusal to submit to the judicial process of the Church led to his excommunication by Pope John XXII in 1333.Carpenter"Cantaur" p. 89-90]

Simon was later re-communicated with Rome, but was not re-instated as Bishop.

Death and afterward

Simon died on 12 October 1333.



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NAME= Mepeham, Simon
ALTERNATIVE NAMES=Meopham, Simon; Mepham, Simon
SHORT DESCRIPTION= Archbishop of Canterbury
DATE OF DEATH= 12 October 1333

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