List of Bates College people

List of Bates College people

Here follows a list of notable people associated with Bates College in Lewiston, Maine. Members of the Bates community are known as "Batesies." This list includes Bates alumni, faculty, and honorary degree recipients, as well as students of the affiliated but now-defunct Maine State Seminary (Nichols Latin School) and Cobb Divinity School.


*Holman S. Melcher, attended from 1858-62, Civil War hero at the Battle of Gettysburg with the 20th Maine, mayor of Portland Maine (1889-90)
*John P. Swasey, 1857-1859, U.S. Representative from Maine (1908-1911)
*John T. Abbott, Class of 1871, U.S. Minister to Colombia (1889)
*George Smith, Class of 1873, three time president of the Massachusetts Senate
*Henry Chandler, Class of 1874, African American politician, state senator from Florida (1880-1884) [ link]
*Albert Spear, Class of 1875, President of the Maine Senate, Justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court []
*Louis Penick Clinton (Lewis Clinton), Class of 1897 (Divinity School), Prince Somayou of the Bassa tribe of West Africa [ "Bates College Catalogue (Lewiston, ME: Bates College, 1892-1894) & 1892 Bates Student]
*Carl E. Milliken, Class of 1897, Governor of Maine (1917-1921)
*Carroll L. Beedy, Class of 1903, U.S. Representative from Maine (1921-1935)
*Charles R. Clason, Class of 1911, Rhodes Scholar, U.S. Representative from Massachusetts (1937-1949)
*Donald B. Partridge, Class of 1914, U.S. Representative from Maine (1931-1933)
*Edmund S. Muskie, Class of 1936, Governor of Maine (1955-1959), U.S. Senator from Maine (1959-1980) and U.S. Secretary of State (1980-1981)
*Frank M. Coffin, Class of 1940, U.S. Representative from Maine (1957-1961)
*Leo Ryan, attended 1943 for Naval (V-12) training during World War II, U.S. Representative from California (1973-1978), killed in the Jonestown Massacre
*Robert F. Kennedy, attended 1944-1945 for Naval (V-12) training during World War II, U.S. Attorney General (1961-1964), U.S. Senator from New York (1965-1968) [] [] []
*Constance Berry Newman, Class of 1956, United States Assistant Secretary of State (2004-2005), assistant administrator of USAID, under secretary of Smithsonian Institution, assistant secretary of HUD
*Thomas P. Carey, Class of 1973, former head of the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Domestic Terrorism section []
*Robert Goodlatte, Class of 1974, U.S. Representative from Virginia (1993- )


Carl E. Milliken, Class of 1897]
*Ella J. Knowles Haskell, Class of 1884, suffragist, the first woman to practice law in Montana, Populist candidate for Attorney General of Montana (1892).
*Scott Wilson, Class of 1892, Judge United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit (1929-1942)
*John F. Davis, Class of 1928, defense attorney for Soviet agent Alger Hiss, Clerk of the U.S. Supreme Court
*Frank M. Coffin, Class of 1940, Judge, United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit
*Vincent L. McKusick, Class of 1943, Chief Justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court (1977-1992)
*Louis Scolnick, Class of 1945, Justice of the Maine Supreme Judicial Court
*James Nabrit, Class of 1952, Civil Rights attorney, argued Shuttlesworth v. Birmingham before the U.S. Supreme Court
*Morton A. Brody, Class of 1955, Judge United States District Court for the District of Maine (1991-2000)
* Alan Schwartz, Class of 1961, Sterling Professor of Law at Yale Law School
*Robert M. Viles, Class of 1961, President of Franklin Pierce Law Center []
*Karen Hastie Williams, Class of 1966, Clerk to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, Chief Counsel to United States Senate Committee on the Budget []
*Nora Demleitner, Class of 1989, Clerk to Justice Alito, Dean and Professor of Law at Hofstra University []
*Mark Helm, Class of 1992, attorney in the infamous Elizabeth Smart kidnapping


*Waterman T. Hewett, Class of 1864 (Nichols Latin School), Professor of German at Cornell University, author, and editor. []
*George C. Chase, Class of 1868, President of Bates College
*Mary Mitchell, Class of 1869, first woman to graduate from a New England college, professor of English at Vassar College []
*George Washington Flint, Class of 1871, President of University of Connecticut, 1898-1901 []
* James Baker, Class of 1873, President of University of Colorado, 1892-1914
*Walter Ranger, Class of 1879, President of Rhode Island College and Johnson State College, Rhode Island State Board of Education Secretary. [ Mabel Eaton, "General Catalogue of Bates College and Cobb Divinity School: 1864-1930" (Lewiston, ME: Bates College, 1930)]
*Edward C. Hayes, Class of 1887, early sociology pioneer, President and founding member of the American Sociological Association
*Grace Conant, Class of 1893, English scholar at Millikin University [ Mabel Eaton, "General Catalogue of Bates College and Cobb Divinity School: 1864-1930" (Lewiston, ME: Bates College, 1930)] []
*William A. Saunders, Class of 1899, African American scholar at Storer College [ ]
*Tyler Dennett, attended 1900-01, president of Williams College
*Wayne Clark Jordan, Class of 1906, Rhodes Scholar []
*John Powers, Class of 1919, Rhodes Scholar [ Mabel Eaton, "General Catalogue of Bates College and Cobb Divinity School: 1864-1930" (Lewiston, ME: Bates College, 1930)]
*Benjamin Mays, Class of 1920, President of Morehouse College (1940-1967), mentor to Martin Luther King
*Meredith Burrill, Class of 1925, United Nations geographer, President of Association of American Geographers [ Mabel Eaton, "General Catalogue of Bates College and Cobb Divinity School: 1864-1930" (Lewiston, ME: Bates College, 1930)]
*Erwin Canham, Class of 1925, Rhodes Scholar, journalist [ Mabel Eaton, "General Catalogue of Bates College and Cobb Divinity School: 1864-1930" (Lewiston, ME: Bates College, 1930)]
*John P. Davis, Class of 1926, African American intellectual, author, National Negro Congress activist
*Samuel Brookner Gould, Class of 1930, American educator, Chancellor of SUNY
*W. Denham Sutcliffe, Class of 1937, Rhodes Scholar, Professor at Bates, Kenyon, and Harvard [ Mabel Eaton, "General Catalogue of Bates College and Cobb Divinity School: 1864-1930" (Lewiston, ME: Bates College, 1930)]
*Val H. Wilson, Class of 1938, President of Skidmore College, 1957-1964. []
*William Stringfellow, Class of 1949, peace activist, human rights lawyer, theologian
*William Rankin Dill, Class of 1951, President of Babson College (1981-1989) [ Mabel Eaton, "General Catalogue of Bates College and Cobb Divinity School: 1864-1930" (Lewiston, ME: Bates College, 1930)]
*Gerald Zaltman, Class of 1960, Author, Professor at Harvard Business School 1991-present
*Robert Witt, Class of 1962, President of University of Alabama
*John Strassburger, Class of 1964, President of Ursinus College 1994-present [ Mabel Eaton, "General Catalogue of Bates College and Cobb Divinity School: 1864-1930" (Lewiston, ME: Bates College, 1930)]
*William H. Tucker, Class of 1967, psychologist and author [ Mabel Eaton, "General Catalogue of Bates College and Cobb Divinity School: 1864-1930" (Lewiston, ME: Bates College, 1930)]
*Richard James Gelles, Class of 1968, Dean, University of Pennsylvania School of Social Policy and Practice, 2003-present [ Mabel Eaton, "General Catalogue of Bates College and Cobb Divinity School: 1864-1930" (Lewiston, ME: Bates College, 1930)]
*Jeffrey K. Tulis, Class of 1972, author "The Rhetorical Presidency," served on faculty of Princeton University, and University of Texas at Austin
* Valerie Smith, Class of 1975, Woodrow Wilson Professor of Literature and African American Studies, Princeton University
*Jamie P. Merisotis, Class of 1986, President and Founder of the Institute for Higher Education Policy, Former Executive Director of National Commission on Responsibilities for Financing Postsecondary Education
*Oluwbusayo Folarin, attended 2002-2003 from Morehouse College, Rhodes Scholar []

Arts and letters

*Franklin Simmons, attended in 1858, (honorary A.M. 1867), prominent Civil War-era sculptor
*Tyler Dennett, attended 1900-01, historian, author, Pulitzer Prize winner in 1934
*Alice Swanson Esty, Class of 1925, American soprano and arts patron. She donated her collection of music manuscripts to Bates College in 1994 and 1995
*Dorothy Clarke Wilson, Class of 1925, writer, author of "Prince of Egypt", a source for the Academy Award winning film, "The Ten Commandments (1956 film)"
*Owen Dodson, Class of 1936, African-American poet and playwright
*John Ciardi, Class of 1938 (transferred), American poet, translator, and etymologist.
*Robert Rimmer, Class of 1939, Author of The Harrad Experiment
*Dom DeLuise, Class of 1955, American Golden Globe-nominated actor, comedian, film director, and chef
*Doug White (news anchor), Class of 1967, Emmy winner, NBC television host
*Bryant Gumbel, Class of 1970, American television journalist
*John Shea, Class of 1970, Prize winning Actor and Director on stage and screen
*Elizabeth Strout, Class of 1977, Author of Amy and Isabelle and Abide with Me
*Dan Scully, Class of 1979, publisher of Boston Magazine
*Emerson Woods Baker II, "Tad," Class of 1980, American historian and archaeologist on the PBS show Colonial House []
*J. D. Hale, Class of 1982, publisher of Yankee Magazine
*Jon Marcus, Class of 1982, author, journalist, former editor of Boston Magazine, member of the adjunct faculty at Boston College and Boston University
* [ Jonathan Hall] , Class of 1983, EMMY award winning journalist, investigative reporter and news anchor WHDH TV, Channel 7 Boston (NBC)
*Brian McGrory, Class of 1984, Boston Globe Metro Editor, former columnist, former White House correspondent, author of several political thrillers; nephew of late Ellen McGrory
*Stacy Kabat, Class of 1985, Academy Award winner, filmmaker []
*David Chokachi, Class of 1990, actor, notably Baywatch and Witchblade
*Corey Harris, Class of 1991, Anthropologist, Blues musician
*Maria Bamford, Class of 1992, Comedy Central comedian
*Andrew Baron, Class of 1994, producer-director, creator of newscast, Rocketboom
*Mark Erelli, Class of 1996, singer-songwriter
*Michelle Chong, Class of 2000, actress in Singapore television and film
*Daniel Stedman, Class of 2001, Cannes Film Festival winning filmmaker


*Harry Lord, Class of 1908, professional baseball player, Red Sox (1908-1910), White Sox (1910-1914)
*Frank Keaney, Class of 1911, URI coach of basketball, baseball, and football, credited with inventing the fast break.
* Charles Small, Class of 1927, professional baseball player, Red Sox (1930)
*Arnold Adams, Class of 1933, runner, member of the 1932 Olympic Team at Los Angeles. []
*Dan Doyle, Class of 1972, founder of the Institute for International Sport at URI []
*Nancy Ingersoll Fiddler, Class of 1978, skier, member of the 1988 Olympic Team at Calgary. []
* John Henry Williams, Class of 1991 (transferred), minor league baseball player, son of Ted Williams
* Sean Clark, Class of 1997, skier, 5 time winner Jackson Hole Town Downhill
*Michael Ferry, Class of 1997, rower in the double sculls at the 2000 Olympics
*David Chamberlain, Class of 1998, professional skier
*Justin Freeman, Class of 1998, skier, member of the 2006 Olympic Team
*Andrew Byrnes, Class of 2005, Gold Medalist at the 2008 Olympics for the men's eights, 2006 FISA World Rowing Championships for Canada. []


*Albert A. Newman, attended circa 1857-1861, founder of Newman's Dry Goods Company []
*Daniel Collamore Heath, attended circa 1864, founder of D. C. Heath and Company, part of Houghton Mifflin []
*Robert Kinney, Class of 1939, CEO of General Mills []
*James L. Moody, Jr., Class of 1953, Lead Director of Staples Inc., Chairman of Hannaford Brothers []
*N. John Douglas, Class of 1960, founder and chairman of Douglas Broadcasting, president and CEO of AIM Broadcasting. []
*Rick Powers, Class of 1967, President of Playtex []
*Joseph T. Willett, Class of 1973, CFO, COO of Merill Lynch []
*Paul Kazarian, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist []
*Rick Thompson, Class of 1981, Microsoft vice president, owner of Seattle Chocolates []
*Joshua Macht, Class of 1991, Managing Editor of []
*James G Wallach, Class of 1964. CEO of Central National Gottesman. Elected Trustee in January 1998.

*Bruce Kupper, Class of 1975, founding partner of Black Twig Communications and author of the book "Personality Sells". [ [ STLtoday - Marketer angles to get his clients' messages out ] ]
*David B. Snow, Class of 1976, CEO of Medco Health Solutions, the company ranked 54th on the Fortune 500.


*John Dunjee, attended 1866-1868, African American Baptist preacher, son of President John Tyler
*Charles Dudley, Class of 1877 (Cobb Divinity), Professor of systematic theology at Hillsdale College []
*Alfred W. Anthony, Class of 1885 (Cobb Divinity), author, professor at Cobb Divinity School and Bates, author
*Frank W. Sandford, Class of 1886, Founder of "The Kingdom," a religious sect [ link]
*Judith Patkin, Class of 1957, Executive Director, Action for Soviet Jewry. []
*Peter J. Gomes, Class of 1965, prominent theologian and Baptist preacher at Harvard University


*Charles Verrill, attended 1857-1858, Professor of Mathematics at Mansfield University []
*Frank H. Hall, Class of 1862 (Seminary), inventor of "Hall braille writer" in the 1880s and an early electric clock []
*Oliver C. Wendell, Class of 1868, Harvard University astronomer
*Lyman Jordan, Class of 1870, Chemistry and Biology scholar at Bates College
*John Irwin Hutchinson, Class of 1889, Cornell University mathematician
*Herbert E. Walter, Class of 1892, geneticist, author, Brown University professor, and marine biologist at Woods Hole
*Stella (James) Sims, Class of 1897, African American scholar, professor of science at Storer College []
*William Spear, Class of 1937, Pioneer in Emergency Medicine and first president of the Maine Chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians. Chairman of the Maine Governor's Advisory Board for Licensure of Ambulance Services. First Chief of the Emergency Department at Central Maine General, now Central Maine Medical Center. []
*Frances Carroll, Class of 1939, Manhattan Project scientist (1943-1945) []
*Edith K. MacRae, Class of 1940, Biochemist at M.I.T., first female on the biology faculty []
*John A. Kenney, Class of 1942, President of National Medical Association, researcher of African skin diseases []
* George Hammond, Class of 1943, chemist, professor, researcher, recipient of the National Medal of Science
*John Googin, Class of 1944, Manhattan Project scientist (1944-1945) []
*Robert McAfee, Class of 1956, President of the American Medical Association (1994-1995) []
*Suzanne Hurd, Class of 1961, Director, Division of Lung Disease National Institutes of Health []
*Michael Falk, Class of 1970, Biochemist, director of Life Sciences Research Office []
*Steven M. Girvin, Class of 1974, Yale University theoretical physicist. []
*John R. Hetling, Class of 1989, Bioengineer at the University of Illinois at Chicago


*Holman S. Melcher, attended from 1858-62, Civil War hero at the Battle of Gettysburg with the 20th Maine
*Aaron S. Daggett, attended 1860, Civil War brigadier general of the volunteers, abolitionist, last surviving Civil War general, died in 1938.
*Joseph F. Warren, Seminary Class of 1862, received the Medal of Honor with the 27th Maine Regiment in the Civil War. []
*Josiah Chase, attended 1861, received the Medal of Honor with the 27th Maine Regiment in the Civil War. []
*Frederick Hayes, attended 1860-61, received the Medal of Honor with the 27th Maine Regiment in the Civil War. []
*James Porter, attended 1862-1863, Killed at Little Bighorn at "Custer's Last Stand"
*Lewis L. Millett, Class of 1949, received the Medal of Honor during the Korean War for leading the last major American bayonet charge.
*Scott Anderson, Class of 1982, member of the Blue Angels flight demonstration team twice.


*Panos Dukakis, Class of 1922, father of Michael Dukakis, doctor, philanthropist. [,9171,967701-3,00.html]
*Euterpe Boukis Dukakis, Class of 1925, mother and campaigner for Michael Dukakis, philanthropist, first Greek-American woman to attend a U.S. college away from home. []

Distinguished faculty, officers, donors and staff

*Benjamin E. Bates, trustee, founder, donor 1855-1878 industrialist, philanthropist
*Ebenezer Knowlton, co-founder of Maine State Seminary, drew charter, fellow from 1855-1874, Congresman 1855-57, Free Will Baptist clergyman
*James Blaine, trustee 1863-1893, Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, U.S. Senator from Maine (1876-1881) and U.S. Secretary of State (1881), Republican candidate for President of the United States (1884)
*Nelson Dingley, Jr., trustee 1863-1899, Governor of Maine, 1874, U.S. Congressman from Maine (1881-1899)
*Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain, ex officio trustee 1866-1870, Governor of Maine, Civil War General
*William P. Frye, trustee, U.S. Congressman (1871-1881), U.S. Senator from Maine (1881-1911)
*John Jay Butler, professor, Free Will Baptist theologian
*Person C. Cheney, trustee, New Hampshire governor (1875-1877), U.S. Senator (1886-1887), Envoy to Switzerland (1892-1893).
*Alonzo Garcelon, founder, instructor and trustee, Governor of Maine (1879-1880)
*William Trufant Foster, professor and debate coach, first president of Reed College (1910-1919), economist
*Porter H. Dale, professor, U.S. Congressman and U.S. Senator from Vermont (1923-1933)
*Andrew Carnegie, donor-1913, philanthropist, industrialist, steel magnate
*Natasha Soloveitchik Chances, adjunct music professor, musician, keyboardist
*Brooks Quimby, faculty 1935-1966, internationally known debate coach []
*Douglas Hodgkin, professor of political science (1968-2000)
*David Kolb, 1977-present, Charles A. Dana Professor of Philosophy
*Margaret Creighton, 1989-present, Professor of History, author
*William Pope.L, lecturer, conceptual artist
*Carolyn Gage, lecturer, playwright, feminist (1998-1999)
*Fred D'Aguiar, assistant professor of English (1994-95), author of poetry, novels, and drama.
*Jody Diamond, lecturer in music, composer, performer, writer, publisher, editor,
*Thomas Snow, lecturer, pianist, bandleader, composer
*Thomas Moser, faculty, debate coach, 1967-1974. Designer and founder, "Thos. Moser Cabinetmakers." []
*Loring Danforth, professor, anthropologist, "Macedonia naming dispute" expert

Presidents of Bates College

*Oren B. Cheney, founder and president 1855-1894, abolitionist, Freewill Baptist preacher, state legislator
*George C. Chase, professor and president 1894-1919, English scholar
*Clifton Daggett Gray, president 1920-1944, theologian, Baptist preacher, author
*Charles Franklin Phillips, president 1944-1967, economist, author, professor
*Thomas Hedley Reynolds, president 1967-1989, American historian, author
*Donald West Harward, president 1989-2002, Philosopher
*Elaine Tuttle Hansen, president 2002-present, English scholar, author

Honorary degree recipients

*James Blaine LL.D. 1869, U.S. Senator, U.S. Secretary of State, 1884 Presidential Candidate
*Nelson Dingley, Jr. LL.D 1874, Governor of Maine, Congressman from Lewiston, Maine
*Eugene Hale LL.D. 1882, abolitionist, U.S. Senator from Maine
*Lillian M. N. Stevens A.M. 1911, Teetotaler W.C.T.U. President
*Calvin Coolidge LL.D. 1920, President of the United States
*Robert Frost L.H.D 1936, New England poet
*William Henry Vanderbilt III LL.D. 1940, Governor of Rhode Island, philanthropist
*Lester B. Pearson LL.D 1951 1957 Nobel Peace Prize Winner and Prime Minister of Canada
*Sylvia Porter Litt.D. 1959, newspaper editor and influential financial columnist
*Margaret Chase Smith LL.D 1967, U.S. Senator from Maine
*Buckminster Fuller Sc.D. 1969, inventor, architect.
*Coretta Scott King Litt.D 1971, Civil rights leader, wife of Martin Luther King
*Amory Lovins Sc.D. 1979, physicist, environmentalist, author, CEO of Rocky Mountain Institute
*Julia Child, D.F.A. 1983, Television show host
*Jimmy Carter LL.D. 1985, President of the United States
*George Putnam, LL.D., 1985, newsreporter, talk show host
*George Mitchell LL.D 1985, U.S. Senator from Maine.
*William S. Cohen LL.D. 1989, U.S. Senator from Maine, U.S. Secretary of Defense
*Paul Volker LL.D 1989, Chairman of the Federal Reserve
*Freeman Dyson Sc.D. 1990, physicist and mathematician.
*Elie Wiesel L.H.D 1995, Holocaust survivor and historian
*Doris Kearns Goodwin L.H.D 1998, Civil War historian
*Olympia Snowe LL.D 1998, U.S. Senator from Maine
*John Updike, L.D. 1998, writer
*Desmond Tutu, L.H.D. 2000, Peace activist
*Ken Burns L.H.D 2002, documentary film maker
*Brian Williams L.H.D 2005, NBC news anchor
*David McCullough L.H.D. 2006, American historian



*"Bates Student," 1873-2006 []
* "Bates College Alumni Directory (2006)" (Lewiston, ME: Bates College, 2006).
*Mabel Eaton, "General Catalogue of Bates College and Cobb Divinity School: 1864-1930" (Lewiston, ME: Bates College, 1930) []
*"Maine State Seminary Catalog," 1856-1863 []
*"Seminary Advocate," "Seminary Roll of Honor," July 1863 (list of school's Civil War soldiers). []

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* [ Bates College Alumni Serving in the Civil War (1863)]
* [ Student List from 1857 on]
* [ Student List from 1858 on]
* [ Dana Bennett at Yo-Yo Competition]

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