Anococcygeal nerve

Anococcygeal nerve

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Latin = nervus anococcygeus
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Caption = Plan of sacral and pudendal plexuses. (Anococcygeal nerve not labeled, but visible at bottom right.)

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BranchFrom = coccygeal plexus
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The anococcygeal nerve is a nerve in the pelvis which provides sensory innervation to the skin over the coccyx.


The anococcygeal nerve arises from a small plexus known as the coccygeal plexus. It pierce the sacrotuberous ligament to supply the skin in the region of the coccyx as well as the sacrococcygeal joint.

ee also

* Coccyx
* Coccydynia (coccyx pain, tailbone pain)
* Ganglion impar
* Sacral plexus

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* [ Coccyx pain, tailbone pain, coccydynia] (Peer-reviewed medical chapter, available free online at eMedicine)

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