Starburst may refer to:

*starburst (astronomy), a generic term to describe a region of space with a much higher than normal star formation
*Starburst galaxy
*Starburst (confectionery), a brand of chewy, fruit-flavored candy.
*starburst (Farscape), the primary means of faster-than-light propulsion in the television series "Farscape"
*Starburst (magazine), a British science fiction related magazine
*starburst (symbol), a symbol consisting of a star surrounded by rays emanating from it
*Starburst (Alfred Bester), a collection of short stories by science fiction author Alfred Bester
*Starburst (Frederik Pohl), a science fiction novel by Frederik Pohl
*Starburst surface-to-air missile, a British man-portable surface-to-air missile (MANPADS)
*Starburst project (relational database system), prototype of a working and very extensible database system developed by IBM
*Starburst displays, a type of electronic 14-segment display for alphanumeric characters
*A type of migraine headache
*Starburst filter, a type of lens filter that creates patterns of lines to radiate from bright points.
*Starburst (dinnerware) dinnerware, manufactured by Franciscan Earthenware, which created iconography strongly associated with Mid-Century Modern design in the 1950's.
* Starburst (novel), 2007 work by Robin Pilcher

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