Lumbar plexus

Lumbar plexus

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Caption2 = The lumbar plexus and its branches.
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The lumbar plexus is a nervous plexus in the lumbar region of the body. It is formed by the loops of communication between the anterior divisions of the first three and the greater part of the fourth lumbar nerves; the first lumbar often receives a branch from the last thoracic nerve.

It is situated in the posterior part of the Psoas major, in front of the transverse processes of the lumbar vertebræ.

The mode in which the plexus is arranged varies in different subjects.


The lumbar plexus differs from the brachial plexus in not forming an intricate interlacement, but the several nerves of distribution arise from one or more of the spinal nerves, in the following manner: the first lumbar nerve, frequently supplemented by a twig from the last thoracic, splits into an upper and lower branch; the upper and larger branch divides into the iliohypogastric and ilioinguinal nerves; the lower and smaller branch unites with a branch of the second lumbar to form the genitofemoral nerve.

The remainder of the second lumbar nerve, and the third and fourth lumbar nerves, divide into ventral and dorsal divisions.

The ventral division of the second lumbar nerve unites with the ventral divisions of the third and fourth lumbar nerves to form the obturator nerve.

The dorsal divisions of the second and third nerves divide into two branches, a smaller branch from each uniting to form the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve, and a larger branch from each joining with the dorsal division of the fourth nerve to form the femoral nerve.

The accessory obturator, when it exists, is formed by the union of two small branches given off from the third and fourth nerves.



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