Duba is located in Saudi Arabia
Coordinates: 27°20′57.3″N 35°41′46.2″E / 27.34925°N 35.696167°E / 27.34925; 35.696167
Country  Saudi Arabia
Emirate Tabuk Province
Time zone AST (UTC+3)

Duba (Arabic: ضبا‎) is a small city on the northern Red Sea coast, of Saudi Arabia. It is in Tabuk Province. Local citizens describe it as The Pearl of the Red Sea. Population: Population of Duba is about 65,000.



The first reference to Duba, under this name, is from 1203. However, the Valley of Salma and Valley of Kafafah were already known many centuries before.

The ancient Greek scholar Ptolemy mentioned a trade route leading from Kafafah to Lihyan (today's Al-`Ula). Sheikh Abdulghani Al Nabulsi wrote about Duba in 1790, in his account of going to Mecca for the Hajj.

Historically it is part of Madian; the city is mentioned in heavenly scriptures. According to Quran, Prophet Mosa settled in Madian (the region starts from Jordan river and extends to the town of Duba) where Prophet Shoaib hosted him. The town of Prophet Shoib as it is called is said to be located near Maqna where an ancient well can still be seen. The well is said to be the one where Prophet Mosa fed Prophet Shoaib's flock.

The Ottoman Turks fortified the city during their rule, protecting the route from Egypt to Arabia.

The Saudi conquest of the city in 1933 moved it into the modern form. King Abdulaziz built his castle there in the same year.


Duba is located in northwest of Saudi Arabia on the coast of the Red Sea on the Egyptian road of the Hajj, about 300 km from the intersection of Egypt, Jordan and Israel. Duba includes 3 valleys, Dahkan to the north, and Salma and Kafafah on south. It is about 800 km from Jeddah / Mecca via coastal highway that passes through the major port and industrial city of Yanbu.

Duba is a port city and ferries and ships operate from here for Egypt and Jordan. The Hurgada and Safaga ports of Egypt can be reached within about 3 hours (minimum) by ferry. It is strategically located at the starting point of Gulf of Aqaba that ends at Ellat (Israel) and Aqaba, Jordan.

The Springs of Maqna are an interesting picnic spot and there are notable beaches such as Sharma Beach, though it is not developed as a tourist spot.


There is no local public transport within the city. Most of the city is within walking range. Rental car facilities are present for day trips (or even more for nearby attractions). Some individuals do operate their cars as private taxis but they are difficult to trace.

The neighbouring cities Tabuk (180 km) and Alwajh (about 160 km) have airport facilities that connects the region with major national and international airports of kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Saptco Saudi Road Transport offers bus services from Jeddah and Mecca to Tabuk via Duba. It takes about 12 hours to reach Duba from Jeddah.

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Coordinates: 27°20′57.3″N 35°41′46.2″E / 27.34925°N 35.696167°E / 27.34925; 35.696167

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