"Transformation" (root "transform") may refer to:Transformation is also referred to as a turn.

In science:
* Transformation (geometry), in mathematics, as a general term applies to mathematical functions.
** Data transformation (statistics) in statistics.
* Chemical transformation, in chemistry, shows the conversion of a substrate to a product omitting the reagents or catalysts.
* Transformation (genetics), the genetic alteration of a cell resulting from the introduction of foreign DNA.
* Transformational grammar, in linguistics.
* Malignant Transformation, the first step in Tumorigenesis, converts normal cells into cells that will continue to divide without limit (cancerous cells). Transformation can also refer to the development of a higher grade (more aggressive) case, especially in blood-related neoplasms, when it is called Richter's transformation or Richter's syndrome.
* Metamorphosis (biology), post-natal biological transformation. In computing:
* Data transformation, process of converting data from a source into a destination format.
* Model transformation, process of converting a model Ma conforming to metamodel MMa into model Mb conforming to metamodel MMb. If MMa=MMb, then one has an endogeneous transformation; otherwise one has an exogeneous transformation. Model transformation usually takes place using languages like GReAT, VIATRA, ATL, etc.
* Program transformation, the process of converting special source code into other detailed structures.
* Vocabulary-based transformation.
* XML transformation language, process of transforming an XML document into another one with languages like XSLT, XQuery, STX, FXT, XDuce, HaXml, FleXML, etc.

In fiction:
* Shapeshifting, the change of an entity into another in myth and in fiction.
* Henshin, a visual sequence for transformation occurring in many anime, manga and sentai tokusatsu.
* Mutating in fiction
* "Transformation" (novel), a 2000 novel by Carol Berg.
* Transformation Story Archive, a website that archives stories that feature a personal physical transformation. In other subjects:
* Change, especially extreme psychological or character change, as in the context and vocabulary of pop psychology.
* Spiritual transformation
* Transformation (philosophical), the shift in context and being that requires no change in circumstance.
* Transformation (law), a principle that contributes to a finding of fair use in the United States.
* Transformation design, a human-centered, interdisciplinary process that seeks to create desirable and sustainable changes in behavior and form – of individuals, systems and organizations – often for socially progressive ends.
* Transformation (music), any operation or process that a composer or performer may apply to a musical variable.
* Transformation (warfare), the introduction and use of seemingly revolutionary methods of mainly strategic nature to gain a permanent advantage over a perceived enemy.
* Transformation (UK Company), A retail chain provising products and services to the transgender community.
* Text Transformation (English Literature), the process of taking a foundation, or base text and changing it into a new genre, so that it can support itself without reference to the base text.
* Transformation playing card, a type of playing card where the pips are incorporated into an artistic design.
* Transformation Journal Transformation is an established journal serving as a forum for analysis and debate about South African society in transition, as well as the surrounding region, and the global context that affects southern African developments.
* Transformation problem A theory of the value of commodities proposed by Karl Marx.
* Transformation of culture How cultures worldwide are undergoing change due to internal and external forces.
* Business Network Transformation, expansion of a business' market through business networks with partners, suppliers, and customers.

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