Tanker can refer to:

* Tanker (ship), a ship designed to carry bulk liquids
** Chemical tanker
** Oil tanker, also known as an petroleum tanker
** LNG carrier, a ship designed for transporting liquefied natural gas, sometimes known as a tanker
* tank car, also known as a tanker or cylinder wagon is a railroad freight car designed for carrying bulk liquids
* tank truck, also known as a tanker or tanker lorry is a heavy road vehicle designed for the same purpose
* Water tender or tanker, a firefighting vehicle used to carry large amounts of water to a fire
* Tanker (aircraft), an aircraft designed for in-flight refuelling
* Any crew member of a tank
* André Tanker, a Trinidadian musician and composer
* Tank (computer gaming) or tanker, in the massive-multiplayer lingo is a character able to resist heavy amounts of damage relatively unharmed

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