This Just In... Benefit for Indy Media

This Just In... Benefit for Indy Media

This Just In... Benefit for Indy Media is a benefit CD released by Geykido Comet Records in 2005 for grassroots non-profit news outlet Indymedia, more specifically the Los Angeles chapter (there are over 40 chapters worldwide). Cover artwork was created and designed by Becky Cloonan, famed comic book artist.

This CD was the label's second benefit CD, the first being the benefit CD for Afghan Women () released in 2002 in response to the conflict in Afghanistan, which featured local unknowns as well as groups like Anti-Flag, Youth Brigade, Chumbawumba, Fleshies, and Jello Biafra.

Track listing

# Intro
# The Tim Version - "Pave The Bay"
# Toys That Kill - "Birds in Catsuits"
# Killer Dreamer - "Unpredictable"
# Clarendon Hills - "Hooray Punk Rock Boy"
# Four Deadly Questions - "Disconnected"
# Fleshies - "WATCH OUT!"
# The Leeches - "Rattlesnake Island"
# Passporte - "Do What is Right..."
# This is Revenge - "New Mutants"
# Geisha Girls - "Buckingham"
# The Shemps - "Adrenaline Junkie"
# The Spunks - "Roadrunner"
# Peelander-Z - "O.B.K."
# Lipstick Pickups - "SLUG"
# Broken Society - "WTO"
# Intro5pect - "For Blood, Under God"
# Drinker’s Purgatory - "Blanchardos Creepos"
# Coleko - "Fireworks are Fun"
# I Farm - "Nucleus of the Rot"
# Berzerk - "This Life is Not the Life I Ordered"
# Enemy You - "Wasted Years"
# East Arcadia - "Question Belonging"
# ESL - "So Lonely"
# Bobot Adrenaline - "Damn the Machine"
# Try Failing - "Think You Lied"
# Thee Makeout Party - "Demolition Demo"
# The Frisk - "Leech"
# Rah Bras - "Obdurate Pen"
# The Wade Brigade - "Where Eagles Dare"


* mastered at Little King Studios (Canada)
* artwork by Becky Cloonan and Richard Vang
*Layout design by Shelby Cinca
*all tracks on this release are exclusive, extremely rare/hard to find or vinyl-only
* released by Geykido Comet Records in 2005

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* Geykido Comet Records Compilations

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* [ Geykido Comet Records website]

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