Galaxy High School

Galaxy High School

infobox television
show_name =Galaxy High

format = Science fiction
runtime = 24 minutes
writer = Chris Columbus
music = Don Felder
producer = Yutaka Fujioka
voices= Susan Blu
Pat Carroll
Nancy Cartwright
Guy Christopher
Gino Conforti
Jennifer Darling
Pat Fraley
Henry Gibson
David L. Lander
Danny Mann
Howard Morris
Hal Rayle
Neil Ross
John Stephenson
country = USA
network = CBS
first_aired =September 13 1986
last_aired =December 6 1986
num_episodes = 13 (List of episodes)
language = English
imdb_id = 0229405

"Galaxy High" is an American animated series that premiered on September 13 1986 on CBS and ran for 13 episodes until December 6 1986. The series was created by movie director Chris Columbus and featured music and a theme song composed by Eagles member Don Felder.


"Galaxy High" was about two earth teenagers who were accepted into the interstellar high school, Galaxy High School on the asteroid Flutor. The teenage boy, Doyle, was a skilled athlete and popular back at his Earth high school while the teenage girl Aimee was shy and as the theme song states, "the smartest girl in school, not very popular, not very cool." But once in space their roles are somewhat reversed. The alien teenagers seem to accept the not so popular Aimee, while Doyle tends to rub the aliens the wrong way. Although Doyle finds himself an outcast and having difficulties adjusting, Aimee does not abandon him, and suggests he can make friends and bring glory to Galaxy High through his excellent sporting abilities. The show drops many hints of a budding romance between Doyle and Aimee but was never given time to grow due to the show not being renewed for a second season.Fact|date=February 2007

The aliens in the school included Gilda Gossip, the girl with the big mouth or mouths, Booey Bubblehead, who has a bubble for a head and is absent-minded, Milo De Venus, the six armed class president and Beef and the Bonk Bunch who bully Doyle. The teachers are even more unusual than the students: Ms. Biddy McBrain has a light bulb attached to her head while Coach Frogface eats flies and Professor Icenstein has to keep his classroom cold or he will melt.

Here is a brief description of the show from the video box:

"Blast off to the outer space high school where the students come in all shapes, sizes and every color of the rainbow! At Galaxy High the junior class president has six hands. The local pizza parlor is as close as the nearest satellite and when the science teacher gets mad he melts! Join two earthling exchange students as they encounter a crazy collection of cosmic kids from all over the universe."



*Susan Blu as Aimee Brightower
*Pat Carroll as Ms. Biddy McBrain
*Nancy Cartwright as "Flat" Freddy Fender and Gilda Gossip
*Guy Christopher as Earl Eccchhh
*Gino Conforti as Ollie Oilslick the cabbie and Reggie Unicycle
*Jennifer Darling as Booey Bubblehead, Myrtle Blastermeier and Wendy Garbo
*Pat Fraley as Coach Frogface and Sludge the janitor
*Henry Gibson as Doyle's locker
*David L. Lander as Milo De Venus
*Danny Mann as the Creep
*Howard Morris as Professor Icenstein and Luigi La Bounci
*Hal Rayle as Doyle Cleverlobe
*Neil Ross as Rotten Roland
*John Stephenson as Beef Bonk and Harvey Blastermeier


John Kricfalusi was a character designer for the show and went on to create "Ren and Stimpy" and "The Ripping Friends".

"Galaxy High" originally aired at 11:30am EST/10:30am CST after "Teen Wolf" and before "CBS Storybreak" in the 1986-1987 season on CBS. It was also given a timeslot for the 1987-1988 CBS season in the expectation of a second season, but upon the show's retirement the 1987-1988 schedules re-ran episodes of the first season.

An alternate theme song exists showing clips from various episodes. The theme was changed to an instrumental one. At the end Aimee speaks "Here we are Doyle! The only two kids from Earth at a high school in outer space! How do you feel?" Doyle responds "A little spaced out Aimee!"

An 85 page paperback book titled "'Galaxy High School" was published in August 1987 by Bantam-Skylark Books and written by Ann Hodgman. It is an adaptation of six episodes, "Welcome to Galaxy High", "Those Eyes, Those Lips", "The Beef Who Would Be King", "Dollars and Sense", "Beach Blanket Blow-Up" and "Founder's Day". In the prologue, it says that Doyle and Aimee, while on Earth, attended Presley High School and its sports team was called the Hound Dogs. It also says that Aimee didn't know Doyle well before coming to Galaxy High, but did think he was cute, until they actually meet when first entering their new school. The paperback is out-of-print and is a highly sought collectible among fans of the show.

The show features transportation tubes, which people can enter and be whisked away around the school; these are reminiscent of old-style pneumatic tubes. In "Galaxy High" they are known as 'wooshers'.

Later airdates: 2 January 1988 - 27 August 1988 on CBS, January 2, 1994-?, July 2, 1994-September 24, 1994, October 8, 1994-December 31, 1994-early 1995 , 7 February 1996 - 23 February 1996, April 2 1996-April 19 1996, May 27 1996-June 17 1996 on the Sci Fi Channel.

The series was animated, distributed and owned by TMS Entertainment.

The show was nominated for a Humanitas Prize for its anti-drug episode, "The Brain Blaster."

Galaxy High School appears frequently in the eighties animation magazine "cereal:geek"


* In the animated series "Partridge Family 2200 A.D.", Keith and Laurie Partridge both go to a futuristic space high school called "Galaxy High". As well, Laurie's friend Marion Moonglow (a Martian) bears a striking resemblance to the Wendy Garbo character from this series.
*A movie version of Galaxy High is currently [ in development at Vanguard Animation] .


"Galaxy High" has been released in full on DVD. All 13 episodes are available uncut and as they were originally aired, across two volumes, produced and distributed by Media Blasters through their AnimeWorks division (the same company previously responsible for the release of "Invader Zim").

Volume 1 was released June 27, 2006, containing episodes 1-7.Volume 2 was released July 25, 2006, containing episodes 8-13.

On the volume 1 DVD, the original episode 2, "Pizza's Honor" and episode 3, "The Beef Who Would Be King" are swapped around. This actually makes more sense chronologically as the rivalry between Doyle and Beef develops more in "The Beef Who Would Be King" better explaining Beef's strong negative actions towards Doyle in "Pizza's Honor".

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