Tune ship

Tune ship

The Tune ship is a viking ship of the "karv" type found at Haugen farm on Rolvsøy in Tune, Østfold, Norway. The ship was built around AD 900, and is made of clinkered oak planks. It was found in a burial mound called "Båthaugen" ("the Boat mound") which was excavated by archaeeologist Oluf Rygh in 1867.

The ship is fragmentary, but may have been up to 22 m long. It is 4.35m wide and would have had 11 or 12 pairs of oars. The length of the keel is ca 14 meters. It is of rugged construction with naturally grown ribs, thick crossbeams and a solid gunwhale.

The Tune ship is exhibited in the Viking Ship Museum in Bygdøy, Oslo.

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