The Toreador

The Toreador

later joined the cast. The show also enjoyed Broadway runs in 1902 and 1904 and toured internationally.

Key songs include "Captivating Cora", "I'm Romantic", "When I Marry Amelia", "Keep Off the Grass", and "Archie".

Roles and original cast

*Augustus Traill (of the British Consulate At Villaya) - Lionel Mackinder
*Pettifer (a Dealer in Wild Animals) - Fred. Wright, Junr.
*Sir Archibald Slackitt, Bart. (Lieut. Welsh Guards) - George Grossmith, Jr.
*Rinaldo (Carlist) - Robert Nainby
*Governor of Villaya - Harry Grattan
*Bandmaster - Willie Warde
*Carajola (a Toreador) - Herbert Clayton
*Mr. Probitt (Solicitor) - A. Hatherton
*Moreno (Carajola's Friend) - Sydney Bracy
*Waiter - Frank Greene
*Sammy Gigg (a Tiger) - Edmund Payne
*Dora Selby (a Ward In Chancery) - Marie Studholme
*Susan (Proprietress of the Magazin Des Fleurs, Grand Hotel, Biarritz) - Violet Lloyd
*Mrs. Malton Hoppings (a Widow) (a.k.a. Amelia) - Connie Ediss
*Dona Teresa - Queenie Leighton
*La Belle Bolero - Maidie Hope
*Cora Bellamy (a Bridesmaid) - Gertie Millar
*Ethel Marshall - Maie Saqui
*Isabella - Sybil Arundale
*Inez - Kitty Mason
*Nancy Staunton (Friend of Dora) - Florence Collingbourne

Musical numbers

ACT I - Interior of Susan's Flower Shop, Biarritz
*No. 1 - Opening Chorus - "Where the gigantic ocean Atlantic breaks in a beautiful bay..."
*No. 2 - Chorus of Bridesmaids - "We're all of us lovely and young, so draw no distinction between us..."
*No. 3 - Song - Mrs. Hoppings & Chorus - "I have always had a passion for a man of rank and fashion..."
*No. 4 - Song - Carajolo & Chorus - "I'm the glory and pride of the land of Spain..."
*No. 5 - Quartet - Dora, Nancy, Mr. Probitt, & Porter - "Oh, a journey by train is a terrible strain..."
*No. 6 - Trio - Dora, Nancy, & Susan - "We're dear little girls, you know, and dear little lives we've led..."
*No. 7 - Song - Archie - "I'm an awf'lly simple fellow as I'm sure you'll all agree..."
*No. 8 - Duet - Susan & Gigg - "If ever I marry, my husband must be in some occupation attractive to me..."
*No. 9 - Song - Pettifer & Chorus - "Whenever you're my way, quite close to Ratcliffe Highway..."
*No. 10 - Duet - Dora & Nancy (with Kate) - "Now I have married you, Sir! - Now I have married you, Madam! ..."
*No. 11 - Quartet - Dora, Nancy, Gus, & Archie - "Away to España, today or manaña..."
*No. 12 - Song - Nancy & Chorus - "If you want to know your passion in a floral kind of fashion..."
*No. 13 - Scena - Teresa & Gigg - "Oh, Señor, pray be bold of heart, do not delay, but make a start..."
*No. 14 - Finale Act I - "Hear me, Amelia! When you saw me lately, appearances might seem against me greatly..." ACT II - Market Square, Villaya
*No. 15 - Opening Chorus - "With all the town in bright array upon this most auspicious day..."
*No. 16 - Song - Governor & Chorus - "We are that person glorious - the Governor, the Governor..."
*No. 17 - Trio - Gus, Archie, & Gigg - "Oh, memory's a funny thing indeed, it's often very feeble and uncertain..."
*No. 18 - Song - Pettifer & Chorus - "Oh, when I marry my blushing bride, it will cost a monarch's ransom..."
*No. 19 - Song - Nancy & Chorus - "Oh, I'm a little maid who's not at all afraid of what my friends may think or say..."
*No. 20 - Song - La Belle Bolero & Chorus - "Hark to the sound of multitudes assembling, keen with excitement..."
*No. 21 - Duet - Susan & Gigg - "You all know me, I'm Mr. Punch, you see; observe the funny hump upon my back..."
*No. 22 - Song - Cora & Bridesmaids - "When the children go to play in summer time, they will frolic all the day..."
*No. 23 - Grand Chorus and March - "Here they come in glittering glory, bound to battle grim and gory..."
*No. 24 - Song - Sir Archie & Chorus - "Sir Archie was a subaltern who sallied to the south..."
*No. 25 - Finale Act II - "When I'm a little wife, I'll have some fun in life..." Addenda
*No. 26 - Song - Mrs. Hoppings & Chorus - "Maidie's just the 'cutest thing that I have ever met..."
*No. 27 - Song - Cora - "I love to see young people good, it's really so amusing..."
*No. 28 - Duet - Cora & Dora - "At a wedding that is smart, if you want to lose your heart keep an eye on Cora..."
*No. 29 - Song - Mrs. Hopping - "Never thought I'd live to see such a time as this is..."
*No. 30 - Duet - Archie & Gigg - "When extremities encounter there is sure to be some fun..."

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* [ Vocal score]
* [ Song list and links to Midis and cast list]
* [ Links to information about Broadway runs]
* [ List of longest running plays in London and New York]

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