The World's most southern

The World's most southern

Cities and settlements


*Land (ice covered): the Geographic South Pole, Antarctica, 90°S
*Land (ice free): variable
*Active volcano: Mount Erebus, Antarctica, 77°32′S 167°17′E
*Sea (ice covered): variable
*Open sea in summer: variable



**Penguin: A variety of species lives on or near to Antarctica
**South Polar Skua, seen at the South Pole []
**Hershkovitz yellow-nosed mouse ("Abrothrix hershkovitzi"), Cabo de Hornos Island, Chile, 55º55′S 67°20′W
**Marsupial: Monito del monte in Chile
**Deer: Pudú
**Despite a popular misconception, Polar Bears do not live on Antarctica, this bear is only indigenous to the Arctic
*Land reptile: Magellanic lizard ("Liolaemus magellanicus"), Northern Tierra del Fuego, 54ºS


*Flowering plants: (naturally growing, there is a greenhouse at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, presumedly within a few hundred meters of the Pole) [] )
**Monocotyledons: Antarctic Hairgrass ("Deschampsia antarctica"), Antarctic Peninsula, about 63°S
**Dicotyledons: Antarctic Pearlwort ("Colobanthus quitensis"), Antarctic Peninsula, about 63°S
**"Drimys" (Winter's Bark "Drimys winteri"): Cape Horn Island, about 55°55′S (Moore 1983)
*Trees (see also tree line):
**"Nothofagus" (Antarctic Beech "Nothofagus antarctica"): Isla Hoste south of Tierra del Fuego, about 55°30′S
**Palms (Nikau "Rhopalostylis sapida", naturally occurring): Chatham Islands, New Zealand, 44°00′S []
*Conifers (Pilgerodendron "Pilgerodendron uviferum"): Isla Hoste south of Tierra del Fuego, about 55°30′S (Moore 1983)
*Ferns ("Blechnum penna-marina"): Cape Horn Island, about 55°55′S (Moore 1983)

Gardens, zoos and aquaria

*Botanical garden:
*Zoo: Punta Arenas, Chile
*Magdalena Island Penguin Reserve []

Culture, sport and recreation


*Buddhist Stupa:
*Cathedral: Sagrado Corazón Catedral, Punta Arenas, Chile []
*Mosque: Dunedin, New Zealand (45° 52' S 170° 30' E)
*Synagogue: Possibly the Dunedin Jewish congregation.
*Latter-day Saint temple: Melbourne, Australia (37° 52' 8" S 145° 12' 45" E)
*Church: Trinity Church, King George Island, Antarctica
*Hindu temple: Centro Cultural y Templo Hindu, Punta Arenas, Chile []


* Research station: Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica, 90°00′
*University: Universidad Nacional de la Patagonia San Juan Bosco, Ushuaia, Argentina, 54°48′S 68°18′W


*Road with connection to main road network: Ushuaia, Argentina, 54°48′S 68°18′W
*Prepared road useable with special vehicles: McMurdo-South Pole highway reaches the South Pole 90°00′S.
*Motorway: Dunedin, New Zealand, 45°52'S 170°30'E
*National railway: Puerto Deseado, Argentina, 47° S
*Underground railway: City Loop, Melbourne, Australia, 37°49′S 144°58′E
*Touristic railway: Ushuaia to neighbouring Parque National Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, 54°48′S
*Seaport: McMurdo Station, Antarctica, 77°51′S
*Airport: permanent with scheduled flights, Ushuaia, Argentina
*Airport: permanent without scheduled flights, Jack F. Paulus Skiway at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica, ICAO Code-NZSP, 90°00′S


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*Moore, D. M. (1983). "Flora of Tierra del Fuego".

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