List of rivers of Scotland

List of rivers of Scotland

List of rivers in Scotland is a list of rivers in Scotland, organised geographically, taken anti-clockwise, from Berwick-upon-Tweed. Tributaries are listed down the page in an upstream direction.

For simplicity, they are divided here by the nation in which the mouth of the river can be found, and sea into which it flows.

The Scots have many words for water courses.
* A "Water" (Lallans: "Watter", Scots Gaelic, "Uisge") is a smaller river, e.g. Ugie Water, Water of Leith etc. Many Scottish rivers incorporate the name "Water" traditionally.
*A "burn", Scots Gaelic: "allt" (anglicised as "Ault/alt"), used for smaller rivers and larger streams, also once widely used in England, now mostly in placenames especially the north, and sometimes spelled "bourne", e.g. Bournemouth and Ashbourne. In Scotland examples include Coalburn, Bannockburn,Aultmore.
*"Abhainn" (Afon in British [Welsh etc.] both pronounced as "Avon"), Gaelic for river, which is anglicised as Avon. This sometimes leads to strange misnamings of rivers by Anglo-Saxon speakers, such as River Avon and River Afton (literally "River River"), or Glendale (literally "Valley Valley") which is a combination of Norse/Anglo-Saxon "dale" and Gaelic "glen" [British [Welsh etc.] "glyn"] .

Flowing into the North Sea

"From Berwick-upon-Tweed to Duncansby Head (East Coast)"

*River Tweed
**Whiteadder Water, Scotland
***Blackadder Water, Scotland
**River Till
***River Glen, England
**Eden Water, Scotland
**River Teviot, Scotland
***Jed Water, Scotland
**Leader Water, Scotland
**Gala Water, Scotland
**Ettrick Water, Scotland
**Leithen Water, Scotland
**Quair Water, Scotland
**Eddleston Water, Scotland
**Manor Water, Scotland
**Holms Water, Scotland
** Eye Water, Scotland
*River Tyne, Scotland
*Firth of Forth (Estuary)
**River Esk, Lothian
***River South Esk
***River North Esk
**Water of Leith
**River Carron
**River Forth
***Allan Water
***River Teith
***River Devon, Clackmannanshire
*River Eden, Fife
*River Tay
**River Earn
**River Almond, Perthshire
**River Isla, Perthshire
**River Braan
**River Tummel
**River Lyon
*Lunan Water
*River North Esk
*River South Esk
*Bervie Water
*Carron Water, Aberdeenshire
*Cowie Water
**Burn of Monboys
**Cowton Burn
*Burn of Muchalls
*Burn of Pheppie
*Burn of Elsick
*River Dee, Aberdeenshire
**Water of Feugh
**Coy Burn
**Leuchar Burn
**Crynoch Burn
***Cairnie Burn
*River Don, Aberdeenshire
*River Ythan
*River Ugie
**North Ugie Water
* Moray Firth
**River Deveron
***River Bogie
***River Isla, Moray
**River Spey
***River Fiddich
***River Avon
****River Livet
***River Calder
**River Lossie
**River Findhorn
**River Nairn
**River Ness
**River Beauly
***River Farrar
***River Glass
**River Conon
***River Orrin
***Black Water
**River Averon
**River Carron
**River Oykel
**River Cassley
**River Shin
**River Brora
*River Helmsdale (River Ullie)
*Wick River

The Inner Hebrides and Isle of Skye

"Isle of Skye"
*River Sligachan
*Allt Dearg Mòr
*Varragill River
*Kilmartin River
*River Conon
*River Hinnisdal
*River Haultin
*River Snizort
**Lòn an Eireannaich
**Abhainn an Acha-leathain
***Tungadal River
*Bay River
*Hamara River
*River Ose
*River Drynoch
*Viskigill Burn
*Eynort River
*River Brittle
*Coir' uisg
*Abhainn Camas Fhionnairigh

*Lussa River
*River Forsa
*Aros River
*Coladoir River

*River Laggan"

Flowing into the Atlantic Ocean

"Dunnet Head to Mull of Kintyre"
*River Thurso
**Little River, Highland
*Forss Water
*Halladale River
*River Strathy
*River Naver
*River Borgie
*Kinloch River
*River Hope
*River Dionard
*Rhiconich River
*River Laxford
*River Inver
*River Canaird
*River Broom
*Dundonnel River
*Gruinard River
*Inverianvie River
*Little Gruinard River
*River Ewe
*River Kerry
*Craig River
*River Torridon
*River Carron
*River Ling
*River Elchaig
*River Croe
*River Shiel
*Glenmore River
*River Arnisdale
*River Carnach
*River Moidart
*River Shiel
*Strontian River
*Carnoch River
*River Aline
*River Scaddle
*River Lochy
*River Nevis
*River Kiachnish
*River Leven
*River Coe
*River Etive
*River Kinglass
*River Awe
**River Orchy (via Loch Awe)
**River Avich (via Loch Awe)
*River Add

Firth of Clyde

"From Mull of Kintyre to Mull of Galloway"
*River Fyne
*River Ruel
*River Eachaig
*River Clyde
**River Leven
**River Kelvin
***Allander Water
***Glazert Water
***Luggie Water
**Black Cart Water
***River Gryffe
**White Cart Water
**North Calder Water
**South Calder Water
**Avon Water
**River Nethan
**Mouse Water
**Douglas Water
**Medwin Water
**Duneaton Water
**Daer Water
**Portrail Water
*Noddsdale Water
*Gogo Water
*River Garnock
**Lugton Water
*River Irvine
**Annick Water
*River Ayr
*River Doon
*Water of Girvan
*River Stinchar

"Arran and the Cumbrae Islands"
*Glen Rosa Water
*Benlister Burn
*Glenashdale Burn
*Kilmory Water
*Stiddery Water
*Clauchan Water
*Machrie Water
*Iorsa Water

Solway Firth ("Mull of Galloway to Gretna", Irish Sea)

*Water of Luce
**Tarff Water
**Black Burn
*River Cree
*Water of Fleet
**Little Water of Fleet
**Big Water of Fleet
*River Dee, Galloway
**Water of Ken
*Urr Water
**Kirkgunzeon Lane
**New Abbey Pow
*River Nith
**Cairn Water
**Scar Water
**Euchan Water
*Lochar Water
*River Annan
**Water of Milk
**Dryfe Water
**Water of Ae
***Kinnel Water
*Kirtle Water
*River Sark - straddles the border in its lower reaches
*River Solway
*River Esk, Dumfries and Galloway
**River Lyne
**Liddel Water

Outer Hebrides, Orkney, Shetland

*Burn of Ayreland, Mainland, Orkney
*Mill Dam Burn, Shapinsay, Orkney Islands

By length

The ten major rivers of Scotland, in order of length, are:
#River Tay 193 km (120 miles)
#River Spey 172 km (107 miles)
#River Clyde 171 km (106 miles)
#River Tweed 156 km (97 miles)
#River Dee 137 km (85 miles)
#River Don 132 km (82 miles)
#River Nith 112 km (71 miles)
#River Forth 105 km (65 miles)
#River Findhorn 101 km (63 miles)
#River Deveron 98 km (61 miles)
#River Annan 79 km (49 miles)

By catchment

The major rivers of Scotland, in order of catchment [cite web| url= |title=Fishing Rivers |author=Alastair Gowans |accessdate=August 20 |accessyear=2006] , are:
#River Tay c. 2000 sq miles (6200 km²)
#River Tweed 1500 sq miles (5000 km²)
#River Spey 1097 sq miles (3008 km²)

Note: Imperial figures from quoted source; and metric figures less certain.

ee also

*Rivers and Fisheries Trusts of Scotland (RAFTS)
*Association of Rivers Trusts (ART)
*List of waterway societies in the United Kingdom
*List of rivers


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