Lateral rotator group

Lateral rotator group

Infobox Muscle
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Caption = The obturator externus and nearby muscles

Caption2 = Structures surrounding right hip-joint.
Origin = at or below the acetabulum of the ilium
Insertion = on or near the greater trochanter of the femur
Blood = Inferior gluteal artery, Lateral sacral artery, Superior gluteal artery
Nerve = Obturator nerve, nerve to the Piriformis, nerve to quadratus femoris
Action = lateral rotation of hip
Antagonist = Gluteus minimus muscle, Gluteus medius muscle
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The Lateral rotator group are a group of muscles of the hip consisting of the following muscles: [MedicalMnemonics|833|3471|657|]
* piriformis
* gemellus superior
* obturator internus
* gemellus inferior
* obturator externus
* quadratus femoris

A tip to remember the order of the lateral rotator muscles from superior to inferior is; PGOGOQ

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* hip (anatomy)
* lateral rotation


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