Time UK

Time UK

Time UK is a computer retailer set up by the people behind the failed Time Computer Systems.

The company is based within the main factory offices at Time Technology Park in Simonstone, near Burnley in Lancashire. The company specializes in providing Computers, notebooks and plasma/ LCD TVs.

The TIME brand is owned overseasClarifyme|date=March 2008 and is licensed by Time UK. It is one of the UK’s leading home computer brands with over 2 million PCs in UK homes. TIME PCs have been sold for almost 20 years and are part of one of Europe’s leading computer brands.

Until July 2005, Granville Technology Group Ltd sold TIME branded products directly to UK consumers via websites, mail order or trading as The Computer Shop. Granville went into administration in July 2005. Until then Granville was the leading reseller and exclusive licensee of TIME branded products in the UK. Time UK offered all Time customers 12 months free warranty subsequent to the failure of Granville.

Time UK Factory

Time UK Factory is the largest factory of its kind in the UK with massive production capacity. It has in the past manufactured and configured computers for many well-known brands such as Colossus, IBM, and Compaq, in addition to Time branded PCs. This facility also produced products for Granville Technology Group Ltd (see above)

The factory uses the latest state of the art production and management processes to ensure the highest levels of quality and just-in-time delivery to its trade customers. For major customers the Factory can produce retailer ‘own branded’, as well as TIME branded products.

TIME Brand

The founder of TIME is Tahir Mohsan, who currently runs several investment companies in Dubai. He also bought the Evesham brand when Evesham Technology went into administration in August 2007. The TIME brand is owned overseas and currently licensed to Time UK for use in the UK and to Time Group for all other territories.

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