Allon Plan

Allon Plan

The Allon Plan ( _he. תוכנית אלון) was a proposal to end the Israeli occupation of the West Bank with a negotiated partition of its territories between Israel and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. The plan was an attempt to implement the "Jordanian option" to the Palestinian refugee problem (also known as "Jordan is Palestine"). It is named after its chief proponent, Yigal Allon, who proposed it shortly after the June 1967 Six-Day war.

The broad aim of the plan was to create a security border running up from the Jordan Valley to the eastern slopes of the West Bank hill ridge, retain sovereignty of that area, avoid Israeli settlement of heavily populated areas in the West Bank, and to offer those areas to Jordan in bilateral negotiations to achieve diplomatic rapprochement.

This plan was not implemented strictly as subsequent governments of Israel created settlements outside of the Jordan rift. Shafir and Peled assert that this followed a change in the "settlement" paradigm, " [s] ince the possibility of peacefully closing the frontier detached the means of the military frontier from the goal of security, continued settlements became an end in itself, searching for a new justification." [Shafir, Gershon, and Yoav Peled (2002). "Being Israeli: The Dynamics of Multiple Citizenship". Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.] __NOTOC__

Allon Plan for a Druze state in the Golan/Quneitra

Yigal Allon proposed as part of the Allon Plan that a Druze state ("Jabal Druze") be established in Syria's Quneitra Governorate, including the Israeli-held Golan Heights. [] Allon died in 1980, and the following year the Israeli government passed the Golan Heights Law, effectively annexing most of the Governorate.

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* United Nations Security Council Resolution 242
* Israel-Jordan Treaty of Peace


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*Bregman, Ahron (2002). "Israel's Wars: A History Since 1947". London: Routledge.

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