ATM card

ATM card

An ATM card (also known as a bank card, client card, key card or cash card) is an ISO 7810 card issued by a bank, credit union or building society.

It can be used:
* at an ATM for deposits, withdrawals, account information, and other types of transactions, often through interbank networks

Some ATM cards can also be used:
* at a branch, as identification for in-person transactions
* at merchants, for EFTPOS (point of sale) purchases

Unlike a debit card, in-store purchases or refunds with an ATM card can generally be made in person only, as they require authentication through a personal identification number or PIN. In other words, ATM cards cannot be used at merchants that only accept credit cards.

However, other types of transactions through telephone or online banking may be performed with an ATM card without in-person authentication. This includes account balance inquiries, electronic bill payments or in some cases, online purchases (see Interac Online).

In some countries, the two functions of ATM cards and debit cards are combined into a single card called a debit card or also commonly called a bank card. These are able to perform banking tasks at ATM's and also make point-of-sale transactions, both functions using a PIN. Canada's Interac and Europe's Maestro are examples of networks that link bank accounts with point-of-sale equipment.

ATM Cleaning Cards are the primary means of cleaning ATM machines to ensure your ATM card works properly.

ee also

* Credit card
* Debit card

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