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Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll

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"Super Monkey Ball Touch & Roll" is the third Super Monkey Ball game featured on a handheld (The 1st being Super Monkey Ball Jr. for the Game Boy Advance, the 2nd being Super Monkey Ball for the Nokia N-Gage, and the 4th being the Playstation Portable version of Super Monkey Ball Adventure (also on the PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube)) and the first for the Nintendo DS. It uses the DS's touch screen as the primary controller for maneuvering the monkey around the level, although D-pad control is also supported. As in previous Super Monkey Ball games, the object is to roll your monkey from the start of a level to the finish line within an allotted time limit. Along the way the monkey collects bananas and banana bunches, worth five bananas, for the chance to gain an extra life, which is after getting ten bananas. Characters present include Aiai, Meemee, Gongon, and Baby.


Wet n' Windy: The first available world. It takes place above a lake and in the later levels fireworks go off in the background and the sky is purple. Completing it unlocks two new worlds. Its music is re-mixed in Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz, for Wii (Monkey Island).

Junglistic Journey: Unlocked after completing Wet n' Windy. A level with a jungle background with an open space at the top. Completing this, along with Blistering Sands unlocks World 4. Blistering Sands: The third world in the game. This world is based on the desert. Completing this, along with Junglistic Journey unlocks World 4. Its music is also re-mixed in World 4, Detritus Desert, of Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz.

Fantascene Falls: This world is based around a waterfall, thus the title. Its music is re-mixed in World 2, Jumble Jungle, of Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz.

Palarvar Lava: A lava world. The background is all red, and below there is a swirling pit of lava. Its music is re-mixed in World 7, Volcanic Pools, in Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz.

Ice Lolly Land: An icy world with glaciers. Its music is loosely re-mixed in World 3, Smooth Sherbet, of Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz.

Tempest Storm: A world based on a swirling pit of winds, Tempest Storm is the second last world before the section of the game set in space. Its music is re-mixed in World 5, Pirates Ocean, in Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz.

Meteorite Mayhem: This level is set on an un-identified planet, during a Meteorite storm. It resembles the extra levels from Super Monkey Ball 1. Its music is re-mixed in World 9, Sinking Swamp, of Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz.

Big Bang Boom: A kaleidoscope of colors is the background. Its music is re-mixed in World 8, Space Case, of Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz.

Zero G Station: Similar to the space colony from Super Monkey Ball 2. The final world that is unlocked solely by completing the previous world. Its music is re-mixed in World 10, Ultra Heaven, of Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz.

Studio One: A world with stage props and mechanical devices floating around the area. This world can be unlocked by going through the red goals in world 8-1 and world 9-2. Its music is re-mixed in world 6, Cobalt Caverns, in Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz.

Mesh Mosh: A colourful background with a rotating grid is present. The player must get 2006 bananas to unlock it (after completing world 11). (Note 2006 is the year the game was released in most areas).

Mini Games

Monkey Race:

A returning classic mini-game from the Monkey Ball series. The player uses the stylus to roll, and rubs his or her monkey before the start can give him or her a head start. The three modes the player can select are Single Race, Grand Prix, and Time Attack.

Monkey Fight:

Another remake. You move around with the stylus and press R or L to punch. Holding either charges up a strong punch. The two modes are Normal and Survival. In Normal, a point is given for every hit and 5 points for knocking someone off. Who ever has the most points wins that round. In Survival, the last one left on the course wins. The courses are Jungle Square, Ice Octagon, and UFO Circle.

Monkey Bowling:

You control using the stylus. You drag the ball back and forth to aim, click on a spin button to spin your ball, and drag a line forward to throw the ball. The faster you draw the line the more powerful it will be. There are two modes:

Normal: A standard 10 round game of bowling.

Challenge: There are 3 difficulties for this mode. You get a certain number of chances to knock down different formations of pins.

Monkey Hockey:

A new mini-game. You can play classic hockey where you move a puck around and try to hit the ball into the other person's goal. Another mode is called Line Smasher, where you draw your own pucks, with a limited amount of ink. You can redraw the puck at any time, which you will want to do because parts of the puck break off. In both modes you can do singles or doubles. There are items you can get that either change the size of the pucks or goals.

Monkey Wars:

Another new mini-game, this one is an FPS. You move around with the D-pad and use the stylus to aim and tap the screen to fire. There are items you can pick up, such as pineapple grenades, a watermelon machine gun, etc. The three courses are Jungle Attack (A tiny simple level), Pyramid Maze, (A desert themed pyramid shape arena), and Cosmofield (A large space level). A point is awarded for every successful shot you make, and ten points are awarded for a 'kill'. If you get killed you respawn. Whoever has the most points when time runs out wins. It is later in .

Monkey Golf:

A returning mini-game. You can either do Stroke Play, Time Golf, and in multiplayer, Match Play. You first aim on the touch screen which direction you want to aim, then you "swing" the club with your stylus.

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