United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 1962

United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest 1962

The United Kingdom held a national preselection to choose the song that would go to the Eurovision Song Contest 1962. It was held on February 11, 1962 and presented by David Jacobs.


Artist(s) Song Place Points
Johnny Angel Look, Look Little Angel
The Brook Brothers Tell Tale
Ronnie Carroll Ring-a-ding Girl 1 59
Karl Denver Never Goodbye 4
Donna Douglas The Message in a Bottle 3
Frank Ifield Alone too Long 2 26
Jackie Lee There's no one the Whole Wide World
Kenny Lynch There's Never Been a Girl
Brad Newman Get a Move on
Rikki Price You're for Real
Doug Sheldon My Kingdom for a Girl
Robb Storme Pretty Hair and Angel Eyes
The table is ordered by appearance.

"Ring-a-ding Girl" won the national and went on to come 4th in the contest.

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