Red Bull Flugtag

Red Bull Flugtag

Red Bull Flugtag (German: flight day, airshow) is an event owned and operated by Red Bull in which competitors attempt to fly homemade human-powered flying machines. The flying machines are usually launched off a pier about convert|30|ft|m|lk=on high into the sea (or suitably sized reservoir of water). Most competitors enter for the entertainment value, and the flying machines rarely fly at all.


Flugtag is the brainchild of Red Bull owner Dietrich Mateschitz, [ [ 1st RED BULL FLUGTAG SYDNEY | Mrs Macquarie's Point, adjacent to The Royal Botanic Gardens | SYDNEY | AUSTRALIA | 6 APRIL 2008 | RED BULL FLUGTAG SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA ] ] although it bears a striking resemblance to the International Bognor Birdman. The first Red Bull Flugtag competition was held in 1991 in Vienna, Austria. It was such a success that it has been held every year since and in over 35 cities all over the world [ Red Bull 2008 Flugtag Tampa Bay / Chicago / Portland Oregon ] ] .Anyone is eligible to compete in the Flugtag event. To participate, each team must submit an application and their contraption must meet the criteria set forth by Red Bull. Each flying machine must have a maximum wingspan of 30 feet (9.14 m) and a maximum weight (including pilot) of 450 lbs. (204 kg). The craft must be powered by muscle, gravity, or imagination. Because the aircraft will ultimately end up in the water, it must be unsinkable and constructed entirely of environmentally friendly materials. The aircraft may not have any loose parts and advertising space is limited to 1 square foot .

Teams that enter the Flugtag competition are judged in three categories; distance, creativity, and showmanship. The record for the longest flight is 195 feet (59.4 m), set in 2000 at the Flugtag Austria event. The United States record for longest flight stands at 155 feet (42.2 m), and was set in 2007 in Nashville, TN.

The Red Bull Flugtag USA events have been scheduled for 2008. On Saturday, July 19, 2008, Flugtag was held in Tampa, Florida. On Saturday, August 2, 2008, Flugtag returned to Portland, Oregon. More than 80,000 fans crowded Portland’s riverbanks for the return to the Rose City, which saw a distance of 62 feet achieved by the Grand Prize winning Team Yakima Big Wheel. On Saturday, September 6, 2008, Flugtag competitors took to the skies in Chicago, Illinois .

Farthest international flyers

*Auckland, New Zealand 2002
**Winning team : ??
**Winning distance : 22m
**Aircraft Description : Carbon fibre and mylar glider, pilot lying prone.
*Wellington, New Zealand 2004
**Winning team : Klinging On
**Winning distance : 23.5m
**Aircraft Description : Starship Enterprise
*Dubai, United Arab Emirates 2005
**Winning team : Cre8tive 1
**Winning distance : 26m
**Aircraft Description : -
*Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 2006
**Winning team : The Big Shooter
**Winning distance : 26m
**Aircraft Description : -
*Prague, Czech Republic June 25th, 2006
**Winning team : Easy Money 3
**Winning distance : 30m (98.5 feet)
**Aircraft Description : Wooden frame, Styrofoam and Fiberglass with all-moving tailplane
*Kuwait, Kuwait Friday, November 2, 2007
**Winning team : ??
*Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 2007
**Winning team : Snoopy vs. the Red Bull
**Winning distance : 21m
**Aircraft Description : - Styrofoam, cardboard and Fiberglass flying wing with canard
*Istanbul, Turkey Sunday, May 25, 2008
**Winning team : Flying Turkeys
**Winning distance : 26.9m
*Sydney, Australia Sunday, April 6, 2008
**Winning team :
**Winning distance :

Red Bull Flugtag USA results

*Austin, Texas Saturday, September 26, 2003
**Grand Prize: Pop and Fizz- 70 ft (21.3 m)
**Second Prize: Team Acme
**Third Prize: Winged Jalapeños
**Most Creative: El Sombrerians
*Chicago, Illinois, Saturday, August 9, 2003
**Grand Prize: Sync, Swim or Fly- 51 ft (15.5 m)
**Second Prize: Jake and Elwood
**Third Prize: The Kicken’ Chicken
**Most Creative: Candy Flyer
*Los Angeles, California, Saturday, September 20, 2003
**Grand Prize: When Pigs Fly- 66 ft (20.1 m)
**Second Prize: West Coast Flying Machines
**Third Prize: The Marine Team
**Most Creative: Red Bull Slugger
*New York, New York, Sunday, October 5, 2003
**Grand Prize: Pedal Power- 39 ft (11.9 m)
**Second Prize: Mighty Whirl
**Third Prize: Bammr’s Ballistic Bedrock
**Most Creative: Urban Rodeo
*San Francisco, California, Saturday, October 25, 2003
**Grand Prize: El Toro Guapo- 61 ft (18.6 m)
**Second Prize: Project S.T.O.L.
**Third Prize: Running of the Red Bulls
**Most Creative: Snoop’s Dogg House
*Miami, Florida, Saturday, April 24, 2004
**Grand Prize: The Resurrector- 33 ft (10.1m)
**Second Prize: Three Finger Salute
**Third Prize: Believe It or Not (It’s Just Me)
**Most Creative: Joy of Birth
*Portland, Oregon, Saturday, July 31, 2004
**Grand Prize: 2004 X-Wing Glider- 39 ft (11.9 m)
**Second Prize: Flying Wonka Bar
**Third Prize: Oregon Santa Sleigh
**Most Creative: Hair Force One
*Cleveland, Ohio, Saturday, July 31, 2004
**Grand Prize: Rover’s Flying Glory- 63 ft (19.2 m)
**Second Prize: Aerobus
**Third Prize: The Stork
**Most Creative: Flying Musical Sensation
*Tempe, Arizona, Saturday, April 29, 2006
**Grand Prize: The Need for Speed- 26 ft (7.9m)
**Second Prize: Air Farce One
**Third Prize: El Vuelo Del Lobo
**Most Creative: Dipsomaniacal Devil
**People’s Choice: El Vuelo Del Lobo
**Farthest Flight: El Vuelo Del Lobo
*Baltimore, Maryland, Saturday, October 21, 2006
**Grand Prize: Victim’s of Soi-cumstance- 81 ft (24.7 m)
**Second Prize: Jump the Shark
**Third Prize: F-10-75
**People’s Choice: 4-4-0 American Flyer
*Nashville, Tennessee, Saturday, June 23, 2007
**Grand Prize: Rocky Top Rocket- 155 ft (47.2 m)
**Second Prize: No. 1 Lucky Flyer
**Third Prize: Yellow Submarine
**People’s Choice: Galapagos Flight Club
**Farthest Flight: Rocky Top Rocket
*Austin, Texas Saturday, August 25, 2007
**Grand Prize: Skate and Destroy
**Second Prize: Superman’s “Crip”tonite
**Third Prize: Billy Ocean’s Flying Fish Taco
**People’s Choice: Congress Bridge Bats
*Tampa Bay, Florida Saturday, July 19, 2008
**Grand Prize: Team Tampa Baywatch - 109 ft (33.2 m)
**Second Prize: Air Gilligan - 32 ft (9.8 m)
**Third Prize: The Little Engine That Could - 21 ft (6.4 m)
**People’s Choice: Tampa Bay Derby Darlins
*Portland, Oregon Saturday, August 2, 2008
**Grand Prize: Team Yakima Big Wheel - 62 ft (18.9 m)
**Second Prize: Greased Lightning - 55 ft (16.8 m)
**Third Prize: Free Ballin'
**People’s Choice: Space Balls
*Chicago, Illinois Saturday, September 6, 2008
**Grand Prize: The Crustacean Avengers - 120 ft (36.6 m)
**Second Prize: New Style Flyers - 75 ft (22.9 m)
**Third Prize: Pie in the Sky! - 90 ft (27.4 m)
**People’s Choice: The USHE

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* International Bognor Birdman

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