Asian Currency Unit

Asian Currency Unit

The Asian Currency Unit (ACU) is a proposed weighted index of currencies for ASEAN+3. The ACU was inspired by the now defunct European Currency Unit, replaced by the Euro. The Asian Currency Unit's purpose is to help stabilize the region's financial markets.

ASEAN+3 is composed of the member countries of ASEAN, the People's Republic of China, Japan, and Republic of Korea.

The ACU as it is proposed is a currency basket and not a real currency , i.e., a weighted index of East Asian currencies that will function as a benchmark for regional currency movements.

Asian Development Bank research

The Asian Development Bank is currently reviewing different options concerning the technical aspects related to the ACU calculation, including the nature of the basket, the choice of fixed weights vs. fixed units, the selection of currencies to be included in the basket, the choice of weights, the criteria for their periodical revision, and other aspects as well.

The Asian Development Bank was to announce the details of the ACU in March 2006 or later. However external pressures delayed this announcement although the concept was still being studied in detail [ [ ADB website: Boost for new monetary scheme - ASEAN+3 finance ministers to back Asian Currency Unit plan] ] . A panel discussion in February 2007 cited technical and political obstacles as having prevented the project from advancing [ [ The Japan Times - Japan, South Korea can pull Asia together] ] . The unit, limited to ASEAN+3, was still said to be moving forward by mid-July 2007 [ [ The Inquirer (Philippines) - Asian currency unit shaping up] ] .

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External links

* [ A news report of the ACU] zh icon
* [ Interview with Asian Development Bank representative 24/02/2006]

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