Guardian may refer to:
* Legal guardian


In the United Kingdom

* "The Guardian", founded in 1821 as the "Manchester Guardian" and renamed in 1959
* "The Guardian" (1713), founded in 1713 and running only briefly
* "The Guardian" (Anglican newspaper), an Anglican newspaper founded in 1846 and running until 1951
* "Cornish Guardian", a Cornish local weekly newspaper

In Canada

* "Brampton Guardian"
* "Charlottetown Guardian"
* "Etobicoke Guardian"
* "York Guardian"

In the United States

* "San Francisco Bay Guardian"
* "Guardian" (US), a New York newspaper founded in 1948 as the "National Guardian", renamed in 1967 and running until 1992

In other countries

* "The Guardian" (Belize)
* "The Guardian" (Nigeria)
* The newspaper of the Communist Party of Australia (revived)


* AF Guardian, a warplane of the US Navy
* HMS "Guardian", three ships of the Royal Navy
* Northrop Grumman Guardian, an anti-missile system for commercial airliners

Film, television and theatre

* "The Guardian" (1990 film), a horror film directed by William Friedkin
* "The Guardian" (2006 film), a drama starring Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher
* "The Guardian" (TV series), a CBS series that first aired in 2001
* "The Guardians" (TV series), an ITV series that aired in 1971
* "The Guardian" (play), the Caroline era stage play by Philip Massinger
* "Guardians" (play), an Off-Broadway stage play by Peter Morris
* A group of characters in the TV series "Challenge of the GoBots"
* A character on the TV series "The Tribe"

Books and comics

* "The Guardians" (novel), a novel by John Christopher
* Guardian (comics)
* A series of military science fiction novels by Richard Austin
* "Guardian", a novel by Nicholas Sparks
* Guardians of the Universe, an fictional alien race in DC Comics

Card and computer games

* "Guardians" (card game)
* Guardian (Ultima), the final villain of the "Ultima" computer game series
* A unit in the computer game "Battle Realms"
* A Zerg unit in the computer game "StarCraft"
* Guardian (computer game), a 3D shoot 'em up for the Amiga CD32 games console

Other meanings

*Guardian Life Insurance Company of America
*Guardian Industries Corp.
* Guardian (band)
* Shoghi Effendi, the appointed leader (Guardian) of the Bahá'í Faith from 1921 to 1957
* Philosopher king, a type of figure in Plato's "Republic"
* One of the four temperaments according to the Keirsey Temperament Sorter
* A custom operating system used by Tandem Computers

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