Brahmanda Purana

Brahmanda Purana

Brahmanda Purana, one of the major eighteen Puranas, a Hindu religious text, is considered as the eighteenth Purana in almost all the lists of the Puranas, and it once contained the Aadhyatma Ramayana.

This text deals with the origin of the universe as told by Brahma. In the beginning there was a golden egg and the prapanca (universe with its activities) was formed out of it. Portions of Adhyatma Ramayana, references to Radha and Krsna and the incarnation of Parasurama are included in this. This book contains twelve thousand verses and it is believed to be uttama (best) to give this book as a gift to a Brahmin.


The Venkateshvara Press, Bombay edition of the Brahmanda Purana consists of two parts, of which the first is further divided into four parts (same as the Vayu Purana): "Prakriya", "Anushanga", "Upodghata" and "Upasamhara". The contents of this four parts are almost same as the extant "Vayu Purana". The second part is styled as the "Lalitopakhyana" (The Narrative of Lalita) and describes the worship of the Goddess Lalita according to the Tantric rites. [Hazra, R.C. (1962). "The Puranas" in S. Radhakrishnan ed. "The Cultural Heritage of India", Vol.II, Calcutta: The Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, ISBN 81-85843-03-1, p.255]

The major sections of this Purana include:
*Detailed description of creation of cosmos, discussion about the time as a dimension and details of Kalpa and Yuga.
*Aspects of religious geography and in this context description of Jambudvipa and Bharata-varsha, and certain other locations identified as islands and landmasses like Anudvipa, Ketumaala-varsha.
*Description of certain dynasties like the houses of Bharata, Prithu, Deva, Rishi, and Agni.
*Adhyatma Ramayana with seven parts.
*Describes the vedangas; describes the Adi Kalpa.


Further reading

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