Sound sculpture

Sound sculpture

Sound sculpture (related to sound art and sound installation) is an intermedia and time based artform in which sculpture or any kind of art object produces sound, or the reverse (in the sense that sound is manipulated in such a way as to create a sculptural as opposed to temporal form or mass). Most often sound sculpture artists were primarily either visual artists or composers, not having started out directly making sound sculpture.

Cymatics and kinetic art has influenced sound sculpture. Sound sculpture is sometimes site-specific.

Important artists include:

* Maryanne Amacher
* Baschet Brothers
* Dennis Bathory-Kitsz
* Harry Bertoia
* Alexander Calder
* Hugh Davies
* Disinformation - art and music project
* Bill Fontana
* Terry Fox
* Ellen Fullman
* Bernhard Gál
* Rolf Gehlhaar
* Christopher Janney
* Hans Jenny
* Phil Kline
* Yuri Landman
* Alvin Lucier
* Bruce Nauman
* Hans Otte
* Paul Panhuysen
* Liz Phillips
* Manuel Rocha Iturbide
* Trimpin
* Peter Vogel

ee also

* Custom-made instrument
* Field recording
* Soundscape
* Sound installation

Further reading

* Paul Panhuysen (Ed.) (1986). "Echo : the images of sound". Eindhoven: Apollohuis. ISBN 90-71638-03-0.
* John Grayson (1975). "Sound sculpture : a collection of essays by artists surveying the techniques, applications, and future directions of sound sculpture". Vancouver: A.R.C. Publications. ISBN 0-88985-000-3.

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