Spencer may refer to
* A short, close-fitting jacket, worn by women and children in the early 19th century
* A thin woolen vest, worn by women for extra warmth in winter


Given name

*Spencer Chamberlain, American singer for Underoath
*Spencer Krug, a singer, songwriter and keyboardist
*Spencer Locke, American actress
*Spencer Smith, drummer for Panic at the Disco
*Spencer Tracy, an American film actor
*Spencer Tunick, American photographer
*Spencer Wells, American geneticist and anthropologist
*Spencer Pratt, cast member of "The Hills"
*Spencer Hercules, American politician and race-car driver

Fictional characters

*Ozwell E. Spencer, a character in the "Resident Evil" video game series
*Frank Spencer, the leading character in the British sitcom "Some Mothers Do 'Ave 'Em"
*Spencer, a visiting locomotive based on the LNER Class A4 tender locomotive, in the "Thomas the Tank Engine" stories
*Spencer, or "Sergei" originally, a strong, silent character in "Beyblade"
*Spencer (Pinocchio 3000), a fictional penguin interpretation of Jiminy Cricket from "Pinocchio"
*Spencer, a character from Square's console role-playing game "Final Fantasy Mystic Quest"
*Spencer, in the children's TV program "Hallo Spencer", the mayor of the village, and presenter of the show
*Spencer (GH), the Spencer family on "General Hospital"
*Spencer Reid, on the series "Criminal Minds"
*Spencer Shay, a fictional character from Nick's "iCarly"


*Marks & Spencer, a large retailer in the United Kingdom and other countries
*Spencer's (department store), a department store chain in British Columbia, Canada (1873 to 1948)
*Spencer's Gifts, a retail chain in the United States and Canada
*Spencer repeating rifle, a U.S. Army weapon popular from the American Civil War through the Plains Indian Wars
*C Spencer Ltd, A Civil engineering company located in Barrow upon Humber Lincolnshire, UK [http://www.cspencerltd.co.uk]


;United States
*Spencer, Idaho
*Spencer, Indiana
*Spencer, Iowa
*Spencer, Massachusetts
**Spencer (CDP), Massachusetts
*Spencer, Nebraska
*Spencer (town), New York
**Spencer (village), New York
*Spencer, North Carolina
*Spencer, Ohio
*Spencer, Oklahoma
*Spencer, South Dakota
*Spencer, Tennessee
*Spencer, West Virginia
*Spencer (town), Wisconsin
**Spencer, Wisconsin
*Spencer County, Indiana
*Spencer County, Kentucky
*Spencer Township, Michigan
*Spencer Township, Minnesota;Australia
*Spencer, New South Wales, on the Central Coast

ee also

*Edmund Spenser (c. 1552 - 13 January 1599), an English poet, author of "The Faerie Queene", and a contemporary of William Shakespeare

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