ARB may stand for:

In Medicine:
* Angiotensin receptor blocker (antagonist), a medication for treating high blood pressure.

In the Military:
* Administrative Review Board, conduct annual hearings, to determine whether captives held in the Guantanamo Bay detention camps continue to represent a threat to the USA's national security.
* Air Reserve base, a United States Air Force base converted for use by the Reserves.
* "Armee Revolutionnaire Bretonne" (Breton Revolutionary Army), an armed Breton Nationalist secret society that has attacked France.
* A hull classification symbol, used for United States Navy battle damage repair ships.

In Architecture:
* Architects Registration Board, for which see Architects Registration in the United Kingdom.

In Commerce:
* Automated Recurring Billing.

In Science, Technology, and Engineering:
* "Anti-roll bar", also known as a Sway bar.
* ARB Project, for phylogenetic analysis.
* Arbitron, a radio audience research company.
* OpenGL Architecture Review Board, a consortium governing OpenGL.
* ARB OpenGL Shader Assembly Language.

In Transportation and Geography:
* Akawaio language (SIL code), a Cariban language of Guyana.
* Several transportation facilities in Ann Arbor, Michigan:
** Ann Arbor Municipal Airport (IATA airport code).
** Ann Arbor train station (Amtrak station code).
* Arab States, UNESCO region
* Arbroath railway station, United Kingdom (National rail code).
* Arth-Rigi-Bahn, a Swiss mountain railway.

In Government:
* Administrative Review Board (Labor) - a unit of the U.S. Department of Labor
* Air Resources Board, California Environmental Protection Agency

In Finance, Economics, or Business, "ARB" or "arb" may also be an abbreviation for:
* ARB 4x4 Accessories, an Australian aftermarket accessories manufacturer.
* Arbitrage.
* Arbitrary.
* Arbitration.
* Arb (gesture), a system of hand gestures used most notably on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange.

In Music:
Atlanta Rap Music, a new jack swing group.

In Sports:
* Australian Racing Board, the peak national administration body for Thoroughbred racing in Australia.

In Arboriculture:
* ArbWiki, abbreviation for all subjects to do with Arboriculture (such as Arborist).

In Communities or Subdivisions governed by a Covenant:
* ARB stands for Architectural Review Board, usually a volunteer group that evaluates changes to a house or property that the homeowner wishes to make, to ensure that the articles of the Covenant are not violated.

In Radio:
* American Research Bureau

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