Twenty 4 Seven

Twenty 4 Seven

Twenty 4 Seven is a Eurodance and Hip House act, created by Dutch producer Ruud van Rijen in 1989. Other members of the group were rapper Tony Dawson-Harrison (left in 1991), later replaced by Stacey Paton (Stay-C), and female vocalist Nance Coolen, later replaced by Stella. As of 2007 Twenty 4 Seven made a comeback with vocalist Elle.

The combination of male rap and female choruses was the main recipe for their success. The first single, "I Can't Stand It", a collaboration with Hanks & Jacks and MC Fixx it which even contained a bit of social criticism, reached #7 on UK charts in 1990. It was followed by another single, "Are You Dreaming", and the debut album, "Street Moves".

After a dispute with Ruud Van Rijen, Dawson-Harrison left the group and created Captain Hollywood Project, another successful Eurodance act. The project remained dormant until 1993, when Stay-C (born "Stacey Paton") joined the group. He played the role of the rapper as well as an additional role of the co-producer. In the late summer of 1993, a new single, "Slave to the Music", was launched. It charted well in most European countries, being the first dance record to go platinum in the newly independent Czech Republic.

The following singles, "Is It Love" and "Take Me Away", peaked at #5 in Israel. By now, the group were famous worldwide, with the exception of America and the UK. They even played live in South Africa. The single "Leave Me Alone" included a "Greatest Hits Megamix".

"Slave To The Music" and "Is It Love" were their only hits in Australia, where both songs reached the Top 5 on the Australian music charts.

Although they were contracted until 1996, the group remained largely silent throughout the next two years. Nance then declared that the group had practically split due to personal issues. Stella, an experienced singer, who already toured with Captain Hollywood Project, replaced Nance, who focused on her solo career. During the 1996 summer, both Nance's "Big Brother Is Watching You" and the Twenty 4 Seven's "We Are The World" were very popular in the Netherlands.

During 1997, Twenty 4 Seven released two singles, "You Want My Love" and "Friday Night", followed by a new album "24 Hours, 7 Days A Week".

In September 1997 Stella left the group on order to focus on modeling, and for the remaining two years Twenty 4 Seven were the male duo of Van Rijen and Stay-C. They released two singles, "If You Want My Love" in 1998 and "Ne Ne" in 1999.

In 2000, plans to release a new album in the classical formula, with Stay-C and Nance, were rumoured in the press, but never eventuated. But in 2007 Twenty 4 Seven made a comeback. The end of october, Twenty 4 Seven featuring Elle -the new singer- released a new single in The Netherlands and Germany. It has been produced by Ruud van Rijen. The single is called Like Flames and is a cover from Berlin's 1986 hit single.Twenty 4 Seven's version is a jumpstyle song. Jumpstyle is a big hype in The Netherlands. On 30 Nov 2007, the singled debut on the Dutch top 100 chart at number 45, and is currently at number 20. It was also announced on the new website that the act will do performances again. [ [ The official website] ]


1990 - Street Moves

#I Can't Stand It
#Whom Do You Trust?
#In Your Eyes
#Are You Dreaming
#Help 'em Understand
#Living In The Jungle
#You Can Make Me Feel Good
#Show Me Your Love Tonight
#Find A Better Way
#I Can't Stand It (Bruce Forest Remix)

1993 - Slave To The Music

#Slave To The Music
#Is It Love
#Take Me Away
#Keep On Goin'
#Music Is My Live
#Leave Them Alone
#What Time Is It
#Take Your Change
#Let's Stay
#Slave To The Music (Ferry & Garnefski Club Mix)
#Is It Love (Danceability Club Mix)

1994 - I Wanna Show You

#Gimme More
#Keep on Tryin'
#I Wanna Show You
#On the Playground
#Breakin' Up
#Oh Baby! (Album Version)
#Words of Wisdom
#You Gotta Be Safe
#Oh Baby! (Atlantic Ocean Dance Mix)

1997 - 24 Hours 7 Days A Week

#We Are The World
#Here Is My Heart
#Friday Night
#If You Want My Love
#Gimme Lovin'
#We Are The World (Ruyters & Romero Remix)
#Friday Night (Paradisio Club Mix)
#If You Want My Love (Charly L. & Mental T. Remix)

The Ultimate Twenty 4 Seven Greatest Hits (2CD Set)


* I Can't Stand It (1989)
* Are You Dreaming (1989)
* I Can't Stand It (1991)
* It Could Have Been You
* Slave To The Music (1993)Official Mixes
#Slave To The Music (Ultimate Dance Single Mix)
#Slave To The Music (Ferry & Garnefski Club Mix)
#Slave To The Music (Ultimate Dance Extended Mix)
#Slave To The Music (Ferry & Garnefski Acid Mix)
#Slave To The Music (Re-Mix)
#Slave To The Music (Mass Attack Radio Edit)
#Slave To The Music (Tyler's Radio Edit)
#Slave To The Music (Digital Mix)
#Slave To The Music (DJ EFX's Funky Tribalist Mix)
#Slave To The Music (DJ EFX's Bonus a la Pump)
#Slave To The Music (Tyler's Club Mix)
#Slave To The Music (Razormaid Mix)
#Slave To The Music (Naked Eye Remix) (on Is It Love Single)
* Is It Love (1993)
* Take Me Away (1993)
* Leave Me Alone (1994)
* Oh Baby! (1994)
* Keep On Tryin' (1994)
* We Are The World (1996)
* If You Want My Love (1997)
* Friday Night (1997)
* Ne Ne (1999)
* Like Flames (2007)Official Mixes
#Like Flames (Single Mix)
#Like Flames (Pulsedriver Radio Edit)
#Like Flames (DJ Gollum Radio Edit)
#Like Flames (Extended Mix)
#Like Flames (Pulsedriver Remix)
#Like Flames (DJ Gollum Remix)
#Like Flames (Instrumental)


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