Simultaneity is the property of two events happening at the same time in at least one reference frame.

The noun Simult means a supernatural coincidence, two or more divinely inspired events that occur at or near the same period of time that are related to each other in both noticeable and unnoticeable characteristics [Latin simul, at the same time; see sem-1 in Indo-European Roots + English -taneous(as in instantaneous).

*In econometrics, it arises when one or more of the explanatory variables is jointly determined with the dependent variable, typically through an equilibrium mechanism.
*In criminal law, for a criminal violation to be established, it must be shown that there was simultaneity of actus reus and mens rea.
*In mathematics, a system of equations or a set of simultaneous equations share variables; a solution is a set of variable values for which all these equations are satisfied together.
*In music, see: simultaneity (music).
*In modern physics, see: Simultaneous hyperplane or Relativity of simultaneity.
*In marketing, simultaneity is one of the characteristics of a service which differentiates it from a product. It refers to the idea that the production and consumption of a service occur simultaneously, making it impossible to produce and store a service prior to consumption.
*In chess, see Simultaneous exhibition

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