Equator HD

Equator HD

name = Equator HD
logofile = Equator_HD.png logoalt =
logosize =
launch = 2004
closed date =
picture format =
network =
owner = Rainbow Media
slogan =
country = United States
broadcast area = National
headquarters = Jericho, New York
former names =
web = [http://www.equatorhd.com equatorhd.com]
sat serv 1 =
sat chan 1 =
sat serv 2 =
sat chan 2 =
cable serv 1 = Cablevision
cable chan 1 = Channel 728
cable serv 2 =
cable chan 2 =
cable serv 3 =
cable chan 3 =
cable serv 4 =
cable chan 4 =
cable serv 5 =
cable chan 5 =
adsl serv 1 = mio TV
adsl chan 1 = Channel 11

Equator HD is a geography themed network that broadcasts exclusively in high definition. Programming includes documentaries, short subjects and films that tell stories of intriguing places from around the globe.

Major programming initiatives include Keep It Green, a themed night that offers interviews and information about pressing environmental issues and Equator HD Docs, originally produced documentaries covering natural history, culture and science.

Ali Hossaini is executive producer of Equator HD. The channel is one of the Voom HD Networks and is available through Cablevision.

ee also

* Voom HD Networks
* Equator HD Canada

External links

* [http://www.equatorhd.com Official Equator HD website]
* [http://blog.equatorhd.com Keep it Green Blog]
* [http://voom.tv/equatorhd/greenwheels Green Wheels site]

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