Josiah Wedgwood (disambiguation)

Josiah Wedgwood (disambiguation)

Josiah Wedgwood may refer to several men from the Wedgwood pottery dynasty:

* Josiah Wedgwood, aka Josiah Wedgwood I (1730–1795), the famous potter.
* Josiah Wedgwood II (1769–1843), son of Josiah I.
* Josiah Wedgwood III (1795–1880), son of Josiah II.
* Josiah Wedgwood IV, later Baron Wedgwood (1872–1943) great-great-grandson of Josiah I through Josiah II's son Francis and Francis' son Clement.
* Josiah Wedgwood V (1899–1968), son of Josiah IV
* Josiah Wedgwood VI, aka Ralph J.P. Wedgwood (1924–?), son of Josiah V.

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