Radio-controlled submarine

Radio-controlled submarine

A Radio Control Submarine is a submersible vessel designed to be controlled remotely by radio transmitting equipment.

The most common form are those operated by hobbyists. These can range from inexpensive toys to complex projects involving sophisticated electronics. Oceanographers and the Military also operate radio control submarines.

Hobby Submarines

Dynamic Diving

These models are positively buoyant, and will remain on the surface until sufficient thrust is generated over their control surfaces to force them down beneath the water. Dynamic diving models are both the cheapest and simplest designed models available, as complicated buoyancy control systems are replaced by diving planes. Dynamic dive models also have the advantage of being able to return to the surface if radio contact is lost, due to their positive buoyancy. However, as they are positively buoyant, such models must maintain sufficient speed while underwater to remain there, and are unable to stop without rising to the surface. Some modelers may also argue that the speed required to submerge such models is not to scale and that they dive too quickly.

Static Diving

These models have the ability to alter their displacement by taking on or pumping out water. This can be accomplished through the use of a piston, inflatable bladder, or most commonly, through a ballast tank. Boats that use a ballast tank generally fill the tank by opening a vent at the top, and force the water out by using compressed gas. There are variants that use water pumps for both processes. These models can become very expensive to build due to the complexity of their ballast systems. It should also be noted that in the event of a loss of radio contact while submerged, the boat will most likely sink to the bottom and require manual retrieval, unless equipped with a fail safe system. However, the ability to dive while at a stand still has its advantages, as it can be more precise and scale like than dynamic systems.

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